Tila Tequila, 33, Gushes Over New Daughter

Tila Tequila has given birth. She is a Singaporean born American model and television and personality, and she has welcomed a daughter called Isabella Monroe Nguyen. The reality star is quite known for her appearances in the men’s magazines Playboy, Stuff, and Maxim gave birth on November 16, 2014 and she told Us Weekly: “I am so in love with her…She’s so perfect and beautiful.”

She had been given information about her pregnancy on her official website, writing on the day before the baby’s arrival:

“So here I am with a HUMONGUS BABY BELLY at 40 weeks now and still…. NO BABY! What in the world is going on here? I think maybe Baby Tila has enjoyed her time so much in my womb that she’s just gotten used to it and is too lazy to come out now!”

She added:

“I just feel this incredible bond with my daughter and I feel like she is so safe in there and protected from all harm! Maybe that’s why she doesn’t wanna come out?”

In her relationships, she has dated heiress Casey Johnson, who died in 2009 after neglecting to take medication for Diabetes.

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‘Tila Tequila’ Taken To Hospital, Brain Anerurysm After Attempted Susicide!

Tila Tequila had been taken to the hospital which followed a near fatal brain aneurysm just last week, this has been reported. She is known for work with Stuff, Penthouse and she is the host of Fuse T.V. 

 She had her own MTV Reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila’ which aired for two seasons. The TV personality and model, also known as Miss Tila, had “attempted suicide” by overdosing – according to the call to paramedics.

 She was found at her house by her roommate when she called 911.

Tila continues to recover and is doing better,” her manager told E!. “We ask that her privacy is respected during this difficult time.”

However, it does remain unclear whether the aneurysm was a direct result of her alleged drug intake.

Meanwhile, a source claimed:

 ”When they arrived she was incoherent, the roommate told the police she had been trying to kill herself all week.

“She had taken two bottles of pills. She was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. She had an aneurysm, but I’m not sure if it was a result of taking the pills.”

The thirty year-old was released from hospital on Monday.

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