‘Coronation Street’ Sally Whittaker Recalls Cancer Ordeal!

Sally Whittaker has recalled her troubles with cancer. The Coronation Street actress, Sally Webster and her own self in real life had to deal with Cancer at the same time. It was in November 2009 when the fifty-two-year-old was given the diagnoses that she had breast cancer, saying that it was the worst and most surreal day of her life. She has endured chemotherapy and radiotherapy and had to take a six-month break from her Soap role.

The mother-of-three said:

”I was completely in denial and shock. It was really just the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.”You couldn’t make it up. I remember saying to the doctor ‘are you sure you haven’t got this wrong? That is my character, not me’.”Sally admitted her husband Tim was a hugely supportive figure during her real-life cancer ordeal.

She has three children, Sam Phoebe and Hattie, and while speaking with the Sunday Mirror newspaper:

”Tim was just amazing. He is very calm and sorts everything and very strong inside. He was my rock. He just said, ‘you know it is fine, you are going to be fine’. The way he explained it to the children was amazing.

”Hattie was only five. Tim made the children confident that everything was going to be OK. We said to them ‘we have had a lovely life and this is just a blip’. Everyone has them.”I was scared. You look at life, your children and the alternative is scary. I did have negative thoughts. But because Tim was so positive, I did think everything was going to be fine.”

More on Whittaker/ Dynevor, she is married to scriptwriter Tim Dynevor, who was such a huge support sytsem for her at the time of her Cancer ordeal, and she has been involved with charities.

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