Trista Sutter Says My Own Struggles Made Me Grateful

resizedimageTrista Sutter said my struggles made me grateful. The former The Bachelor-The Bachelorette star and Vail, Colorado fighter Ryan Sutter has been viewed by millions to see them fall in love. And forty one year old Rhen a mother of two married to Sutter for ten years had al lot to say in her first book, Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart.

“It’s really about gratitude and it’s told through some of my own stories and other stories I’ve learned about through Ryan or my mom, friends or people I’ve read about on the internet,” explains Trista, who details her struggles with infertility and her difficult first pregnancy with son Max, now 6, that lead to a harrowing emergency Cesarean section.

Hearing her son’s cries for the first time was a life-altering experience for Trista, who, from that day on, embraced gratitude in a way she never had before. Two years later, daughter Blakesley’s arrival, too, had its own drama as Trista had an arduous trek to the hospital during a blizzard. After Blakesley’s smooth delivery, Trista decided to do daily posts about her life, a tradition her kids now take part in.

 ”We talk about our favorite part of the day every day,” Trista says of Max and Blakesley, 4. “Actually it’s gone into favorite parts of the day because Max says, ‘I love this and this and this.’ “

Trista got a great ideal with the tradition, she created the Grateful Heart collection with Glory Haus.

“In writing the book I’ve always been a huge gift enthusiast,” she says. “We created the grateful heart collection. My favorite is the ‘favorite part of the day jar.’ You write down your favorite part of the day or the month [and put it in the jar]. And there’s an appreciation jar, which is a good gift for a teacher.”

And when Trista speaks about her own life, she admits that her heart is full of gratitude thanks to meeting Ryan.

“It’s an understatement to say that I hit the jackpot,” she says. “I want to be a better person because he is such a good person. He is the top of my list of things I’m grateful for.”

Trista also appeared on Reality Shows, Dancing with the Stars and Fear Factor.

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