Adam Lambert, Queen Says His Voice ‘One In A Billion’

resizedimageAdam Lambert is one in a billion. He gained his popularity by being a contestant on the reality show American Idol. Queen say Lambert has,

”one voice in a billion”

He can sing things in a way guitarist Brian May has,

”never heard anyone else ever do” before.

The legendary rock band which features the original guirtarist Brian May along with drummer Roger Taylor has been on tour with Lambert. He has taken the place of the legendary Freddie Mercury, who passed away in 1991. They say is also amazing the vocal abilities Lambert can achieve.

Brian told iHeartRadio:

”He’s extraordinary. It speaks for itself, his voice. That’s one voice in a billion.

”Adam can do things which really I have never heard anyone else ever do in my life.”

May and Taylor did play with Lambert for the time on the reality show in 2009. They sang  ‘We Are the Champions’.

Brian added:

”We have a chance to do great things with Adam Lambert. He really is a wonderful foil for us, so it’s a kind of gift from heaven, really. It’s a lot of fun, too. He’s nice to work with. He’s fun and light and he doesn’t have any airs and graces, and you know, he just gets on with it, and we feel like a family. It’s nice.”

Sixty six year old May played down the idea that Lambert is the replacement for Freddie, as he sings the songs in a different way.

 He added:

”It just works with him. It feels comfortable and nice, and challenging, also, because he puts different interpretations on the songs, so it gets us to play a little differently. So, it’s nice, it’s alive.”

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‘Queen’s”Roger Taylor’ In His Younger Days Covers Rhythm Magazine United Kingdom August 2012!

English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist ‘Roger Taylor’ and best known as the drummer and sometimes he would be the lead singer for the British rock band Queen.

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‘Adam Lambert’ The New Lead Singer Of ‘Queen’!

Former ‘American Idol’ singer Adam Lambert is to be the new lead singer of Queen, the title which was once held by rock legend Freddie Mercury.

The singer revealed the news in an interview with the Daily Star, saying,

 “The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f*cking great songs. It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of.”

Lambert added,

 “There’s no intention in my mind of replacing Freddie. That’s impossible.”

Mercury had passed away back in 1991 due to bronchopneumonia resulting from AIDS. Lambert first met the band’s members Brian May and Roger Taylor when they performed

 “We Are the Champions” during his “Idol” finals in 2009.

He also performed with them at the MTV EMAs last November.

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