Nicki Minaj Feels Her Voice Is Important (Video)

Nicki Minaj feels she is important. The Star, who’s real name is (Onika Tanya Maraj) and is a known rapper and songwriter thinks it’s her voice that is very important to the world. When the thirty one year old decided to take two years away from making music realized that being away from her talent showed her that it is quite important to continue to strive to be a ”mogul,”.

She said:

”I realised that my voice is very important to pop culture. It’s very important to hip hop culture. It’s just… very important.

”I can’t stop, I have to complete this mission. When I came into the game, i said I wanted to be a mogul and a lot of my fans want to see that come to fruition.”

Despite her self-confidence, Nicki was stunned when she was asked to remix ‘***Flawless’ for Beyonce recently.

She said:

”I got a call to do a song with Beyonce. I’m getting out of my Maybach, about to get in a private plane, and my manager calls me saying, ‘Beyonce wants you to remix ‘***Flawless’.’

”It was the one thing I never thought would happen in my career, and I was like, ‘My life is f***ing surreal.’ ”

She also reveals that to her it was amazing her collaboration with Eminem, 2010′s ‘Roman’s Revenge’.

She told Dazed and Confused magazine:

”It was witty, it was skilled, it was punchline after punchline after punchline.

”It featured Eminem! When I listen to it now, I can’t really believe it – that record took f***ing balls.”

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Nicki Minaj, 31, Rapper Determined Be In An Acting Career

Image1Nicki Minaj wants an acting career. The rapper, singer songwriter and former judge of American Idol would really like to gain some acting experience other than her music experience as she has landed herself a small role in The Other Woman. The thirty one year old will acted alongside Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann, and now has found the determination to land herself bigger and better roles in the upcoming future. Speaking to MTV News, she said:

”I am going on auditions, and I’m trying to find the right role with the right director and the right writers. I want to be part of something from the beginning stage this time, and I want the role to be custom-made for me.”

At this time she is time she is working on third album says she knows she can juggle both careers. She explained:

”It gave me an idea as to what the world would be like … And now that I know it’s something I can do, I think I want to expand a role eventually.”

She will take on all roles, but would prefer another comedy and has her sights set on a high-budget action film because she believes she’s able to adapt. She said: ‘

‘I have such a versatile personality. Some days I feel like I wanna do a Will Ferrell comedy; some days I feel like I wanna do more like a ‘Set It Off’-type of movie with some other young black actresses and like creating a movement with that. And sometimes I think, maybe I could do ‘X-Men’ or something.”

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Nicki Minaj, 30, Sports Racy Leather & Tartan for Marie Claire!

Nicki Minaj reveals ‘I don’t work out. I lose my boobs’ and she never goes to the gym in order to keep the curves that she has. She just squeezes her shape into a leather dress.

In an interview with Marie Claire, August edition, Minaj, in a Q&A with her Twitter fans as part of a feature for the magazine, the thirty-year-old tells one of her followers how physical activity has an adverse effect on her body.

When asked what her normal workout routine entails, Nicki tells @forevertrend_:

 ’I don’t work out. I hate it. I don’t mean to sound super lazy. I tried it for a time.

‘I lost my boobs. When I feel I need to lose weight, I just change what I eat. I cut out carbs and sugar. I’ll do water and protein and fruit. But I do think that you should work out.

The singer also appears on the front cover in a tartan dress

‘My doctor tells me that and I get it. Do cardio’.

Image, Satoshi Saikusa/Marie Claire!

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Nicki Minaj, American Idol judge 2013 Billboard Music Awards!

Nicki Minaj pumps up the crowd at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. The American Idol judge paid a visit to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Sin City on may 19, 2013. She will pair up with Lil Wayne for a performance as she hopes to nab a win for Top Female Artist.

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Nicki Minaj ‘Sports A Cheerleader Pose’ For Teen Vogue June/July 2013!

Nicki Minaj for Teen Vogue June/July 2013. ‘People Treat This Business Like It’s High School’ The Trinidadian born American rapper is never on to stay quiet and now she is slamming the entire music industry in this issue. She sports a cheerleader pose, the singer has compared the cut-throat industry to high school drama.

On refusing to sugarcoat her feelings:

“People treat this business like it’s high school. It can absolutely feel like one big popularity contest, and you know what? I can’t be bothered. I can’t allow myself to play ridiculous games with grown adults in the industry. I can’t be nice to someone just because they’re hot right now. I can’t do it.”

On her fears and struggles while growing up:

“Every time my parents fought, my mother would have us move and I would have to go to a new school, which meant i’d have to face the task of making new friends. I dreaded it. I had butterflies in my stomach each time: Are people going to like or hate me?… Sometimes there’d be a fight, sometimes not. I let people know I wasn’t going to be pushed around.”

On worrying less about other people’s opinions:

I used to read the bad things people said about me, then I asked myself, ‘Why am I reading that when I have millions of people saying great things?’ You cannot give negativity power. I tell teens, if you’re having a problem, there’s nothing wrong with deleting your social media. If people keep taunting you and you keep reading it, it’s poison.”

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue!

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Nicki Minaj Featured For Teen Vogue USA June/July 2013!

Rapper Nicki Minaj for Teen Vogue US June/July 2013

“Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Born in Saint James, Port of Spain and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York City, she enrolled in performing art schools as a child. After success with three mixtapes released between 2007 and 2009, Minaj signed to Young Money Entertainment. Her debut studio album Pink Friday (2010) peaked atop the U.S. Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) the month after its release. Its most successful single “Super Bass” has been certified quadruple-platinum and has sold more than four million copies, becoming one of the best-selling singles in the United States. She became the first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time”.

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