jimmy fallon’s Ring Finger Story Is Not One For The Squeamish

Jimmy Fallon‘s finger was almost amputated. The Television host finger had been in bad shape following a fall over and suffered from ‘ring avulsion’ The Bay Ridge, Brooklyn native had no choice to take a two week hiatus from his The Tonight Show spot because he had to spend ten days in the ICU. He has explained what the story is behind the bandage around his ring finger,

and it’s not one for the squeamish.

The star was forced to take a break from The Tonight Show after he suffered a significant hand injury in which he nearly lost a finger after falling over in his kitchen.

“I tripped and fell, and I caught my fall, and I’m getting up and my finger is sideways,” he told the audience on his return to the show. “It looked fake – it looked like a cheap horror movie where you see a broken finger,” he added.

Fallon explained that he had suffered from “ring avulsion”, caused by his ring becoming caught on a counter top in his kitchen as he fell over. He was sent to a specialist at Bellevue hospital in New York, where he underwent six hours of micro surgery.

A doctor had to take a vein from his foot and put it inside his finger in order to save the digit – though in many cases of this kind, the finger would have simply been amputated, Fallon told the audience.

“I won’t get the feeling back for eight weeks,” Fallon said, pointing at his bandaged hand, explaining that he had spent 10 days after the surgery recovering in the intensive care unit.

But despite his ordeal, Fallon was able to joke about the experience.

“I should say the fall was funny – I’m a comedian so I have to fall funny,” he said, adding that he had already drawn up plans for a new kind of ring.

He ended the segment thanking the “angels” that had looked after him at the hospital.

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Kevin Bacon Recreates Famous Footloose Dance Scenes!

Kevin Bacon recreated Footloose dance scenes. The footloose star did his legendary moves on The Tonight Show. It has been thirty years now that we saw this amazing film which had a step by step routine of fifty five year old Bacon’s most famous toe-tapping moments as teenager Ren McCormack. Well on Friday night, March 21, 2014 he did all over again, showing he still had all the moves in the special segment set up by host Jimmy Fallon. Drawing boos from the studio audience, the presenter introduced Kevin by saying:

”This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of his most beloved films, ‘Footloose’. Which reminds me, I should quickly mention that dancing has been outlawed on the tonight show.”

Holding up a scroll emblazoned with the strict decree, Jimmy added: ‘

‘It’s official guys, it’s a bummer, but rules are rules!”

The programme then cut to bacon, who had been watching behind-the-scenes from his dressing room. The incredulous star announced, ‘

‘Jump back. This is ‘The Tonight Show’ – there has to be dancing!”, and proceeded to recreate his famous dance number to the classic soundtrack of ‘Never’.

He is a father two children, was just perfect as he was puffing on a cigarette and taking a swig from a bottle of booze before smashing it against the wall just like the scene in the warehouse. He had been joined by some backing dancers, in front of his audience, he was wearing a vintage maroon tuxedo. Shouting his infamous line,

”Let’s dance!, Kevin launched into a show-stopped finale of Footloose’s titular track to rapturous applause.

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