Emily Maynard And Jef Holm Not On Talking Terms For Months!

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm haven’t spoke in many months. The Bachelorette’ ex Holm’s till has allot of love towards her. The couple had met while on the Reality show last Spring. It is sad though that this couple had called it quits in October 2012. The twenty eight year old People Water co-founder is on good terms with his former relationship (Mother to Ricki Hendrick, seven).

“We haven’t talked in the past few months. Last time we talked, things were in good spirits,” Holm told

Us Weekly of Maynard during the Electric Run L.A. event in Carson, Calif., May 24. “I hope the best for her. She’s an amazing girl. She’s just not the person I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with. I think she’ll make somebody happy.”

Now that he’s single, Holm told Us he’s,

 ”dating around and hanging out and having a blast. . . I’m not dating anyone in specific. I’m just having fun right now. Life’s good!”

Calling 27-year-old Maynard a,

 ”homebody,” Holm said he’s looking for a woman with a more adventurous spirit. “I want someone who wants to share in the excitement of life with me,” he explained. “I want to go out and be active and have fun and travel and do wild and fun things! That’s what I want.”

Holm also shot down reports that he’s in talks to succeed Sean Lowe as the next Bachelor.

 ”I don’t know what life holds, but I live life to the fullest and if there was a fun opportunity to do something, I don’t know if I’d say no to it,” he told Us. “But I’m not planning on being The Bachelor or planning on doing anything like that. I’m focusing on business right now.”

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