‘Celebrity Big Brother House’ Due To Medical Issue, David Gest Exits!

David Gest has left the Celebrity Big Brother house. He is a producer and television personality and during his time in the house, he spent the last days in a spare bedroom bed, feeling sick, now Big Brother has informed his fans and audience that he exited the house because of medical reasons. You can see his departure tonight during the show.

A Channel 5 spokesman said:

“Due to medical reasons, David Gest has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House.”

Unfourtatley he had been at the center of a horrible mixup, the wife the late David Bowie, Angie had confided in another houseguest Tiffany Pollard that her David passed away, she thought it was houseguest Davis instead of Bowie, she was in a panicked scream running outside to tell her fellow housemates the sad news.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Angie, John Partridge and David Gest (Channel 5) After checking on Gest, who was very much alive, Pollard ranted: “She (Angie) told me that David died. Why the f*** would she do that? She just told me that you were dead. That is so f***ing – ! Why the f*** would she do that to me?”

Another houseguest, Jonathan Cheban, also walked out of the house last week, citing its “bad vibe”.

He told Big Brother in the diary room:

“I just think that my time here is kind of expired. The house is not fun anymore.

“I’m not really into fighting, Tiffany’s insane, and it’s just going to be a horrible situation here and I just don’t want to be a part of that situation. It’s getting down and dirty.

“Everybody is getting terrible now, it’s a bad vibe in the house, so I really have to get out at this point.”

He added:

“I’m feeling very emotional because I’m sad that I’m going to go and say goodbye to everybody. I don’t want to be there and get anxious and claustrophobic and freak out about it.”

Guest is known for his former marriage with Liza Minnelli and he thought of Michael Jackosn and his brothers as his good friends.

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