David Beckham’s Nephew Set For Life Threatening Throat Surgery

resizedimageDavid Beckham’s nephew is set for throat surgery. He is a popular former English footballer and it is reported that his nephew is fighting for his life, preparation is in progress to undergo a tracheotomy after he had been diagnosed with a vocal chord disorder and possible scarring of the lung.

His sister Lynne gave birth to Jesson just two weeks ago, and the little one has been having health problems since, he is in intensive care, he has respiratory problems.

According to reports in The Sun on Sunday newspaper, the child will undergo a tracheotomy – where a tube is inserted into the throat – to bypass his mouth.

The tube may have to stay in for years, and Jenson has been diagnosed with a vocal chord disorder, along with possible lung scarring.

David reportedly has been in constant contact with his sister and her partner Kevin Briggs.

Jenson’s father recently told of how his son was ‘fighting for life” from birth, saying David showed much concern. Kevin said:

”When he was born he was fighting for life. We’re all very worried but the doctors have been brilliant. David’s been in constant contact.”

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David Beckham reportedly Retires From Playing Soccer!

David Beckham reportedly retires from soccer. The well known English footballer has announced his plans to leave the sport. He had signed a five month contract with French side Paris Saint-Germain (Psg) in January, 2013. At that time walked away from the Los Angeles Galaxy and how he has decided to step away for good.

The thirty eight year old midfielder started his professional career at Manchester United in 1992, staying with them for eleven years before he moved to the Spanish giants Real Madrid prior to heading to the U.S. four years later,2007. In the one hundred and fifteen time that he played he made seventeen goals and participated in three World Cup competitions.

He tells the Associated Press,

“I’m thankful to Psg for giving me the opportunity to continue but I feel now is the right time to finish my career playing at the highest level.”

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David Beckham, 3, Footballer Featured For Man About Town Spring Summer 2013!

David Beckham, thirty seven years old represents the Spring-Summer 2013 cover of Man About Town magazine.

English footballer who currently plays for French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. He has played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team for which he holds the appearance record for an outfield player.

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Soccer Star David Beckham Clubbing Not important!

David Beckham clubbing wasn’t his thing. The English footballer has revealed that instead his focus was just on his profession as a soccer star and music. He is married to former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham and together they share four children,.thirteen year old Brooklyn, ten year old Romeo, seven year old Cruz and twenty month old Harper. He goes on to say that music and his profession was his first priority before partying before he met his wife.

He explained to Man About Town magazine:

”It was incredible in Manchester back then. It was the time of the Haçienda club – there were so many great things happening there at that time.

”I wasn’t a clubby person. I haven’t been a big clubby person my whole life, you know, even at a very young age, which I think has helped me throughout my career. I’ve nothing against going out and having a good time, but I think, for me it was all about Manchester United… and, of course, The Stone Roses. Apart from the music, all I was interested in was playing for Manchester United. It was all I wanted in my life.”

The thirty eight year old has also reveled that he is very proud of his sons ”impeccable manners”.

He said:

 ”They’ve been saying their please and thank-yous since they were two or three years old. They’re very polite boys. That’s one of the first questions that we ask when we go for meetings at school is about their manners: and it’s one of the first things their teachers say – that they’ve got impeccable manners.”

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Sportsman David Beckham, Hates being Worlds Apart From His Children!

David Beckham hates being away from children. The English footballer has admitted that it bothers him about the distance which is between himself and his family when he is so far away training and in matches. Beckham has four children fourteen year old, Brooklyn, ten year old Romeo, eight year old Cruz and nineteen month old Harper along with his wife Victoria.

He remembers back in day how tough it had been when he played for the Italian team A.C. Milan for six months in 2009. David is at this time living in France, he plays for Paris Saint-Germain but his family lives in London. He has expressed to the new UK issue of OK! magazine: ”The biggest thing is my family. We don’t like moving around, we don’t like unsettling the kids.

”As a family, as a father, [Milan] was the toughest time since I have had my boys. They came out to see me every eight weeks for a week, but I hate even being away from them for an hour, let alone that amount of time.”

Although the Beckham’s are well to do, he still tries to teach his children the values of hard work and ambition as he would like them to make their own way in the world like their parents did. He said:

”It would be easy for our kids to sit back and not work for anything, but they’re not like that. They’re as competitive as Victoria and me.

”We’re very lucky with our boys – they want to win. They want to work at something. They know they’re values. That’s the way we’ve brought them up so far, and that’s the way we’ll continue to bring them up.”

It seems as if his sons are already taking after their father, David loves having a daughter and like the way she interacts with her brothers. He added: ”She’s so beautiful. There’s no more love for a daughter than there is a son, but it’s just different.

”I still think, oh God, I can’t believe this, I’ve got a girl. And to see the boys with her, it’s incredible. When they walk into the room, her little face lights up.”

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David Beckham, English Footballer Vows To Learn French!

 David Beckham is learning the language of French. The English footballer is doing this in order to be able to communicate with his new teammates, fans and press conferences press conferences.singing up with a five month contract with Paris Saint Germain.

He has seen fellow Englishman Joey Barton be ridiculed for his attempt at a French accent and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper:

 ”Becks isn’t daft enough to make Joey’s mistake. He has gone to great lengths to make sure he has a decent command of French. He wants to talk to the players, fans and the media in French. He’s booked a tutor in France and has courses on his portable devices.”

Beckham will live in a Paris hotel along with wife Victoria and their four children will still stay in London. He has started the process in lessons to talk to teammates and fans and when he cannot have classes he has a language course on his iPhone and iPad.

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