Denise Richards Charlie Sheen’s Ex Lawyer Brands Her Greedy

Denise Richards has been branded greedy. Richards is well known, she made a name for self as a former fashion model and she’s been many movies, well it seems she’s doing it again because a lawyer for former Two and a Half men actress called her greedy., saying she is just trying to squeeze all she can out of the well-known star, Sheen. What the forty-four ha suggest that she ex-has not provided the financial support to their daughters eleven-year-old Sam and ten-year-old Lola, so she has filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against him. However his attorney Martin Singer claims different, she, in fact, is just wanting to get all the money she can from fifty-year-old Sheen. This is not the first time thing she has done to Sheen, she also try to suggest he didn’t put his children first to his lawyer.

Mr. Singer said:

”I’ve been representing Charlie for more than 20 years.

””Patty [Glaser] is just the latest in a long string of lawyers who Denise has hired to squeeze as much money as she can out of Charlie. This motion has nothing do with their children. Denise is simply being greedy.

”She isn’t satisfied receiving $55,000 per month tax free – more than what 99% of the people in the world make. Now, she’s asking Charlie to pay her more money so she can buy a second home because one $7 million home isn’t enough for her.”

The lawyer spoke out after Denise’s attorney, Patty Glaser, said the actress had sought to take action to protect her kids from their father’s ”erratic lifestyle”.

Responding to Martin previously accusing Denise of making a ”desperate attempt” to get money from Charlie, Ms. Glaser said:

”Not only are Mr. Singer’s comments about Ms. Richards blatantly inaccurate, they’re also inappropriate, and unprofessional.

”Ms. Richards is doing everything she can to protect her children from the fallout of Mr. Sheen’s erratic lifestyle and its enormously negative impact on their children.”

In response, Mr. Singer said:

”I’m not going to stoop to Patty Glaser’s level by attacking her personally though it’s ironic that she would comment on Charlie’s lifestyle considering that it was her client who wanted to marry him.

”And, as a result of that marriage, Denise became a very rich woman.”

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Charlie Sheen: Twins Daddy Day!

Charlie Sheen isn’t exactly the conventional father and yesterday he showed some of his love towards his twin 4-year old boys via twitter

Gossip Center reports:The “Major League” actor posed with Max and Bob, who were playing with shark toys, and added the caption, “If ya see a shark Hooper, Swallow!” referencing “Jaws.”

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Charlie Sheen ‘Anger Management’ Will Become A Grandfather!

Charlie Sheen is set to be a grandfather, his twenty wight year old daughter Cassandra Estevez is pregnant. The forty seven year old Anger Management actor had shared with David Letterman the joyous news, after he had been asked to “fess up to a big development” in his life.

“You are going to be, in the next several months…fill in the blanks,” teased Letterman. “You are going to be a…” Smiling back, Sheen replied, “Grandfather,” to the delight of the audience, adding, “it’s fabulous,” though suggesting that ‘Grandpa’ was “not a title I’m ready to adopt.”

When asked by Letterman, weather he thought that he would make a “good grandfather,

” the former Two and a Half Men actor replied, “Yeah, because you can leave the kid!”

Cassandra is Sheen‘s daughter with his high-school girlfriend Paula Speert.

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Charlie Sheen Locking Lips With Porn Star At A Mexico Party!

Charlie Sheen locks lips with porn star Georgia Jones at party in Mexico. American actor, known for his roles in Two and a Half Men and Anger Management had been on New Year’s Eve.

The forty seven year old star had been smooching the brunette while at a party in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Jones had been wearing denim playsuit an she was seen flirting away before they decided to share a kiss.

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‘Charlie Sheen’s’ Anger Management Renewed For Ninety More Shows! (Video)

‘Charlie Sheen’s new Anger Management Show has been picked up for ninety more shows, following a very positive audience. At this time it does air on US network Fx which is run by Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corporation.

The show is averaging three point four million viewers per week. FX is currently ranks as the ninth most watch network in the United states. Sheen plays the part of an anger management therapist who does also struggled with aggression issues of his own.

Sheen’s real-life father, Martin Sheen, is due to appear in the show, taking on the role of Charlie‘s on screen father.

Watch Video, Anger Management!

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‘Kathy Bates’ To Play The Ghost Of Charlie Sheen!

American actress and director Kathy Bates to play Charlie Sheen’s ghost. The ‘Dolores Claiborne’ actress and Oscar winner will do so on the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men.

The ‘Titanic’ actress will apparently appear to John Cryer’s character Alan as Charlie Harper while he is dreaming on an upcoming episode aring in America on April 30, 2012.

Sheen played Harper until he was fired last year 2011 and he was replaced on the show by Ashton Kutcher. The character was killed off when he was hit by a train in Paris and his funeral was held in the premiere of the ninth season.

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