Channing Tatum Found Wrestling Is Tough! (Watch Video)

Channing Tatum says Wrestling is tough. The actor best known for roles such as The Vow and She’s the Man just couldn’t grasp how hard the physical competition sport actually was when he was in training
for his ‘Foxcatcher’ role, saying it was the most painful thing he has ever endured. The thirty four year old will be starring as the Olympic medal-winning wrestler Mark Schultz and the story is based on real life events. He said although learning the sport was an enjoyment carrying on with it, is not something he is wanting to do.

He said:

”Wrestling is one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. I’ve played many sports but none like this. It’s the only sport I know where you have no down time, no time to pull away and rest.

”Even in boxing, you can back away and dance around a bit, but in wrestling you’re locked in combat with the other guy the whole time, and that’s it.

”It was an amazing discipline to learn, but I do not need to do it ever again.”

Also Channing reveals that when he was first offered the role, he said no and that was because he was at the level of understanding the psychological thriller says now because of the sport he has become very competitive.

Quizzed on how competitive he is, he told Britain’s HELLO! Magazine: ”Very, very competitive. I wish I could say I’ve evolved into the sort of person who’s a good loser, but I’m not.

”I’m the kid who is not happy at all if our team loses, and I’ll go to pretty much any length to win. I get that from my dad.”

Watch Video! Teaser Trailer #2 (2014) – Channing Tatum Drama HD

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum: Fatherhood Has Made Channing Even Sexier!

Image00001Jenna Dewan-Tatum reveals that fatherhood has made Channing even sexier. The former Step Up actress says she loves watching the Magic Mike star take care of their five month old daughter Everly. She says he has such a genteelness with the little one and it makes her ‘melt’.

The ‘Witches of East End’ star Said:

“There is nothing sexier than seeing the man you love, like, holding your beautiful baby.

“And the way he rocks her and he sings to her – and he’s so gentle and sweet and sensitive with her, and it melts you, it really does.”

The thirty two year old did admit more children would be good, but just not right now.

Asked about having more kids, she told E! News:

“Maybe a little bit later. Yeah, this is kind of the wrong time to ask me when I’m getting four hours of sleep a night.”

For now, Jenna is just delighting on watching Everly grow and learn to interact with the world.

She said:

“She’s musical, she’s happy, she’s dancing around all the time and bouncing and moving.

“Pregnancy, for me, was great. I had the best pregnancy – I wasn’t sick, I was happy, my hormones were working for me. Everything was good. It was like, right afterwards, you’re getting no sleep …You just have to get past that point and they start interacting with you, and it’s amazing.”

She also explained it was not hard to she baby weight as she did look after herself well during her pregnancy.

She explained:

“I wish there was a magical secret, but I worked out a lot while I was pregnant. Like every day I was doing hikes and walks and working out with my trainer.”

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Channing Tatum Childhood Crush Revealed As Alyssa Milano!

Channing Tatum is considered one of the most desired men in hollywood but even he has had crushes that just never turned out the way he had hoped for

Gossip Center reports: During an interview in Elle’s July issue, the “Magic Mike” stud confessed that Alyssa Milano was his first celebrity-inspired heartthrob.

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Channing Tatum Casual Landing At LAX!

Channing Tatum was spotted on Wednesday, June 26th touching down in Los Angeles at LAX Airport.

Gossip Center reports: Dressed in jeans, a grey jacket, and matching cap, the proud new papa listened to tunes as he made his way through the crowded terminal.

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Channing Tatum Opens Up On Parenting And Justin Bieber Represents Vanity Fair!

Channing Tatum dishes out on parenting and Justin Bieber in Vanity Fair. the Dear John star has just become a dad for the first time and he is ready and rearing to go to start raising his little girl Everly. In his Vanity Fair for July 2013 the star does confess,

 “I don’t think you can prepare [for parenthood]. It’s a bit of a freestyle.”

Tatum also shared a bit about his own parents-

“They weren’t perfect. I don’t know anyone who did have perfect parents. It’s provided me with lessons I’ll try to improve upon when I’m up to bat. I’m just going to be a good friend to my kid.”

As for his own struggles growing up, Channing noted that he always had trouble in school, especially reading comprehension.

“I read so slow. If I have a script I’m going to read it five times slower than any other actor, but I’ll be able to tell you everything in it. It kills me that there are standardized tests geared towards just one kind of child.”

“I truly believe some people need medication. I did not. I did better at school when I was on it, but it made me a zombie. You become obsessive. Dexedrine, Adderall. It’s like any other drug. It’s like coke, or crystal meth. The more you do, the less it works.”

“For a time, it would work well. Then it worked less and my pain was more. I would go through wild bouts of depression, horrible comedowns. I understand why kids kill themselves. I absolutely do. You feel terrible. You feel soul-less. I’d never do it to my child.”

Tatum also expressed concern for a certain,

 “Baby” singer. “I worry about Bieber, man. That kid’s wildly talented. I hope he doesn’t fall down into the usual ways of young kids because it’s so hard for someone to be responsible when they’re not asked to be.”

Photo Credit: Bruce Weber for Vanity Fair

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Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan-Tatum First Bundle Of Joy!

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum have welcomed their first child. Tatum known for roles such as Dear John and Step Up along with his wife also Step Up actress Dewan are happy to be Mom and Dad for the first time, as gave birth on Thursday, May 30, 2013. Thirty two year old Dewan’s baby was born in London, this is according to reports, but no further details are available as of yet. The couple had tied the knot in July 2009.

An insider – who said Channing will be an ”adorable” father – insisted the couple’s child will by always be their number one priority. The source told Us Weekly:

 ”The baby will get top billing as far as priorities go.

Channing is going to be the most adorable hands-on daddy ever and do whatever is necessary to make sure Jenna can balance it all.”

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