Cate Blanchett Takes Time And Privacy To Grieve For Loss Philip Seymour Hoffman.

resizedimageCate Blanchett has cleared her schedule to grieve. She is an Australian actress from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy as the elf Lady Galadriel. She did this upon hearing the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.The ‘Blue Jasmine’ star had been seen as she was on a visit to his ex partner Mimi O’Donnell in New York City on Monday, February 3, 2014, she brought toys for their three children, ten year old Cooper, Seven year old Tallulah and five year old Willa. The forty four year old wants to take to herself a few days as she is grieving for her close friend. She told The Hollywood Reporter,

that her team made the decision to postpone interviews on ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘Live! With Kelly and Michael’ to promote her new film, ‘The Monuments Men,’ on Wednesday (05.02.14) ”to allow Cate the time and privacy to grieve the loss of her friend Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

She formed a close friendship with the forty six year old star, but untimely found dead over an apparent overdose on Sunday, February 2, 2014, when they both starred in the movie ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’.

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Emma Watson Socially Awkward At Parties

resizedimageEmma Watson is shy at parties. The English model, who rose to her fame while playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series says she is ”socially awkward”. The twenty three year old says she does struggle to fit into a big crowd. The reason is because she just feels it hard to have a conversation with anyone and her escape is to the bathroom if she even attends any parties. She said:

”I feel like I’ve been given a lot of credit where it isn’t due that I don’t like to party.

”The truth is that I’m genuinely a shy, socially awkward, introverted person. At a big party, I’m like Bambi in the headlights. It’s too much stimulation for me, which is why I end up going to the bathroom! I need time outs!
”I get anxious. I’m terrible at small talk and I have a ridiculously short attention span.”

The star has taught herself to relax and appreciate she can’t do everything. Speaking to the new edition of Wonderland magazine – which she has guest edited – she said:

”Now I really know how to take care of myself, how to be alone, how to deal with stress.

”If I hadn’t been through that time, I wouldn’t have got there. I never knew I had limits. You make good friends and you make bad friends, and you have to figure it all out.
”You realize you can’t do everything. I really did think I could do it all – commute back to the UK for ‘Potter’ filming and press, then go to Brown for finals, and keep up with my friends and family. You can’t do it, by the way. You do have to take breaks.
”It’s how I became interested in meditation and yoga. I developed bedtime rituals.”

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Blake Lively, 25, Embracing The Ageing Process!

Image00001Blake Lively is excited about ageing. The popular Gossip Girl star (Serena van der Woodsen) feels excitement when it comes to being old, as she gets the feeling of being wiser and more experienced about live.

The twenty five year old, who is married to actor Ryan Reynolds is ready to dace wrinkles, because for her this means she has gained some life experiences. Asked whether she feared ageing, she scoffed:

”Are you kidding me? I’m really excited! The older I get, the more wise I feel, the more experiences I have, the more I travel.” a

She has also revealed that she will not depend on cosmetic surgery to make her look younger, Blake joked to the French edition of ELLE magazine:

”The problem is that women who have it don’t actually look younger! Although, I guess maybe when it’s really well done, you can’t tell… Ask me again when I’m 60, I might have changed my mind!”!

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Famous Celebrities And Their Fondness For Bingo

During their free time, many celebrities spend their time watching NBA games, playing poker in casinos, or having a good time in the Caribbean or the Bahamas. While some celebrities think that their leisure time is best spent at gaming venues and beautiful islands, for Russell Crowe, Robbie Williams, Paris Hilton, and Ricky Tomlinson, spending free time at the bingo hall is preferred.

Bingo may be an old game, but many look upon it fondly. The game’s exciting nature (which has now extended online) will always have fans coming back. Nothing beats the feeling of being the first to shout “Bingo!” when the last number to complete the card is called.
Russell Crowe, who recently played the role of Superman’s father in the movie Man of Steel, is an avid bingo fan. In fact, he worked as a bingo caller in Australia before he became a famous movie star. He admits that still has a soft spot for the game and goes to local bingo halls whenever he has the time.

Robbie Williams is another A-list celebrity who remains hooked to the game. He even has a video on his website showing him and his friends playing bingo in the middle of the ‘Advertising Space’ video shoot. In 2011, he was also one of the main guests at a joint Breast Cancer Research and charity bingo event, where he went on to win a rather fetching leopard-skin handbag.
Paris Hilton is also a big fan of bingo. She has been spotted at many charity bingo events along with Tinseltown actors Daryl Hannah and Courteney Cox.

Finally, we have Ricky Tomlinson’s amusement towards the game. This led him to write a song about it during the peak of his ‘The Royle Family’ fame. The English actor, comedian, and activist released a video and song in 2007 to show his love for bingo.

‘Coco Rocha’ Fashionable For Elle Spain September 2012!

Canadian model Coco Rocha fronts Elle Spain Septemeber 2012. She has been photographed by Juan Aldabaldetrecu for the cover shoot of the fashion magazine Elle Spain for their September 2012 issue.Stay up-to-date with us! Follow us on TWITTER, subscribe to our RSS FEED or E-MAIL us! We love hearing from you…..

‘Editorial’ Karlie Kloss Flashionable In Tweed For Harper’s Bazaar Russia September 2012!

American model, Karlie Kloss fronts the September cover story for Harper’s Bazaar. She is shot by Natalia Alaverdian in this season’s tweed suits matched with bowler hats.

Some fashion styles are from the likes of Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.Stay up-to-date with us! Follow us on TWITTER, subscribe to our RSS FEED or E-MAIL us! We love hearing from you…..

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