‘Celebrity Big Brother House’ Due To Medical Issue, David Gest Exits!

David Gest has left the Celebrity Big Brother house. He is a producer and television personality and during his time in the house, he spent the last days in a spare bedroom bed, feeling sick, now Big Brother has informed his fans and audience that he exited the house because of medical reasons. You can see his departure tonight during the show.

A Channel 5 spokesman said:

“Due to medical reasons, David Gest has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House.”

Unfourtatley he had been at the center of a horrible mixup, the wife the late David Bowie, Angie had confided in another houseguest Tiffany Pollard that her David passed away, she thought it was houseguest Davis instead of Bowie, she was in a panicked scream running outside to tell her fellow housemates the sad news.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Angie, John Partridge and David Gest (Channel 5) After checking on Gest, who was very much alive, Pollard ranted: “She (Angie) told me that David died. Why the f*** would she do that? She just told me that you were dead. That is so f***ing – ! Why the f*** would she do that to me?”

Another houseguest, Jonathan Cheban, also walked out of the house last week, citing its “bad vibe”.

He told Big Brother in the diary room:

“I just think that my time here is kind of expired. The house is not fun anymore.

“I’m not really into fighting, Tiffany’s insane, and it’s just going to be a horrible situation here and I just don’t want to be a part of that situation. It’s getting down and dirty.

“Everybody is getting terrible now, it’s a bad vibe in the house, so I really have to get out at this point.”

He added:

“I’m feeling very emotional because I’m sad that I’m going to go and say goodbye to everybody. I don’t want to be there and get anxious and claustrophobic and freak out about it.”

Guest is known for his former marriage with Liza Minnelli and he thought of Michael Jackosn and his brothers as his good friends.

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‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Patsy Kensit Promises To Stir Up The House

Patsy Kensit says ‘you’ll love me or hate me. I don’t care’. The English actress and former child star says she promises she will stir up the Celebrity Big Brother house. The Emmerdale actress (Sadie King) also said she is in no way afraid to divide opinion. and that she will keep quiet if she has any relationships during her time in the house.

“I know myself and I know who I am. You’re either going to love me or hate me and I don’t really care,” she revealed.

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me, apart from my two sons. They are the only people that could say no and I would listen.”


“I’ll probably be first out but I’m pleased to have been asked.”

She also admitted that she has bad habits, but her worse is flatulence and the opinions she only worries about is her two sons.

“Flatulence”, she said, “It’s really not nice.”

Forty six year old Kensit tells her friend that they have nothing to worry about when she is in the house and won’t be spreading around who her past beau’s have been, which include Oasis front man Liam Gallagher – the father of her second son, Lennon.

“It’s like a doctor discussing their patients. Maybe there is a time and a place to talk about things, but this is not really the right environment to talk about it,” she said.

“We have got an amazing child and everything is cool.

“Our lives are all very separate. I’ve never said a bad word about either of my boys’ dads because there is no reason to.”

She has also been married to Dan Donovan of band Big Audio Dynamite and Jim Kerr, lead singer of Simple Minds, with whom she had her first son James.

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Gary Busey Has Won Celebrity Big Brother

Gary Busey has won Celebrity Big Brother. The seventy year old known for many movie roles such as The Buddy Holly Story, Lethal Weapon, Under Siege and The Gingerbread Man, after twenty six days, he was named the U.K. reality Tv show winner, and he was the first ever American to be crowned this on Friday, September 12, 2014. Coming in second was Boxer Audley Harrison and dancer James Jordan was third.

After leaving the Big Brother house, Busey admitted his time inside changed him for the better, saying,

“I didn’t think I was selfish, I didn’t think I was lazy, I didn’t think I was insecure, I didn’t think I had fear. This show showed me things about myself that I need to change. Big Brother is perfection… When I go back home, I’ll be a changed man.”

The star is from Goose Creek. Texas, he is the son of to a homemaker, and his father a construction design manager.

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Celebrity Big Brother Winner Charlotte Crosby ‘Thought People Would Hate Me’

Geordie-Shore-CharlotteCharlotte Crosby divulges that she believed people would hate her. The reality television personality confesses that she already doesn’t think about her big win of Celebrity Big Brother on September 13, 2013.

She had been crowned winner and now it seems as if the Geordie Shore star is just over the moon with her achievement, well at least for the evening. She told us:

“I thought people would hate me. Everyone’s got their own opinion on Geordie Shore and I was just shocked to win.”

Mario Falcone’s pal added:

“I was so emotional and it was great when I left the doors but now I’ve forgotten about it. It’s like getting a school certificate, it’s great on the day but tomorrow it’s just a piece of paper.”

 She goes on to say that she made great friends, with Towie star Carol McGiffin and Louie Spence, Charlotte thanked her housemates for teaching her new things.

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Heidi Montag Slams Fellow Contestant For Nudity Stint In ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House!

Heidi Montag slams ‘Super Inappropriate’ Lacey Banghard. The television personality gained her fame as a cast member in The Hills has branded Banghard this name following the model’s naked stunt while in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house twice over the last few days.

The reality star vowed to bring down Banghard after she had enter the bedroom shared by contestants, dropping her towel in front of Montang’s Husband Spencer Pratt. A complaint from Montag came out as Banghard showers naked in full view instead of putting on a bikini.

Heidi said,

 ”Lacey’s just got naked while we were in there. It gets me mad, that’s for sure.

”I’m the new Paula [Hamilton]. I’ll start swinging water bottles in a second. I’ll fight her right now, she’s got nothing on me.”

Upon calming Montag down, Heidi continued to moan:

 ”I don’t wanna be around it, not around me and my husband.” The twenty old has been shocking views with her stints of nudity, maybe it’s an alleged attempt not to get voted out tonight.

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‘Imogen Thomas’ Newly Pregnant Experienced Trouble Rushed To Hospital!

Welsh Glamour model. Imogen Thomas reveals her fear of losing her baby. While announcing her pregnancy just a few days ago Thomas is however experiencing some trouble. She had been left terrified when he she had to be rushed to the hospital.

The twenty nine year old reveals her trauma she had been feeling as she went to the Accident and Emergency ward because of complications with her womb. Speaking to new! magazine she said: ‘

My first internal scan on Tuesday showed the baby was OK, thank God, but then I started bleeding again when I got home.

‘Not being crude but I literally filled three pads with blood.

‘I actually thought, ‘This is it.’ I was hysterical. I could have been losing my baby.’

Not knowing at all what was wrong she burst into tears and cried. She told the magazine:

 ’I went back to the hospital first thing and they gave me another internal scan and the baby was still fine. He was kicking away.’

The former Big Brother star even though things are fine the experience is scary and the large bump sized is caused by her tilted womb.

‘But hopefully, it will tilt back by the time I’m due. It’s very rare – only ten per cent of women have it,’ she said.

Thomas feared the worst after bleeding heavily during her pregnancy She told the magazine:

 ’I wrapped up a little white hat along with a note that read, ‘You’re going to be the best daddy ever.’

‘He just held it and cried. He’s going to kill me for saying that. It was just easier than me having to say, ‘I’m pregnant.’

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