Albert Brooks Became Worrier As Dads Health Declined!

Albert Brooks, worrier because of his unhealthy father. The American actor was the voice of the clown-fish in finding Nemo at a real early age watch his dad’s health decline right in front of him. His dad, Harry Einstein who had been overweight had so many struggles and health problems, and he goes onto say that because of this he had to grow up fast.

He tells Vanity Fair magazine,

“I think when you’re very, very, very young and you get a sense of the end before the beginning, it imprints you. In all possible ways.”

Einstein had passed away at the young age of fifty four, at that time he had been performing on stage,

He explains,

“My dad died right after performing at the Friars’ roast for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. (I was) eleven and a half. Well he was so sick before that that I (wasn’t shocked)… But I worried about him way before. At six… He couldn’t walk. He had a spinal operation. Then he would walk slowly, like Frankenstein. And so he gained weight.

“Nothing about him was healthy. Every time we were alone and he called me, I thought he was dying. So when it happened, it wasn’t like, hey, he was the second-baseman and he woke up and died.”

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