Beloved Sitcom Mom Doris Roberts, Has Died

Everybody Loves Raymond,”, such sad news, the beloved star of the hit show, Doris Roberts, the mother of Raymond and Robert has died. The news was first reported by TMZ and her co-star Patricia Heaton had confirmed the heartbreaking news on Monday, she will be very missed by her fans, family, and her co-stars.

At the time her death on April 17th, 2015 she was ninety years of age. The star was born in 1925 in St. Louis, Missouri, she had a great career earning her five Emmy Awards and a Screen Actors Guild award, during her time on the show, she appeared on every episode and made sure she made her son Ray and his wife Debra lives quite difficult at times, although she loved her son very much.

Other than Every One Loves Raymond, she also appeared in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” and other sitcoms. During her relationships, she was married twice

She leaves behind to mourn, her son Michael Cannata Jr.,.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequel, Loses Two Big Stars

Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, word has come out that fans will not be seeing a return of two big stars, says director James Gunn, one is Puerto Rican-American actor Benicio Del Toro, who was the Collector and the other, he was the leader of the Nova Corps of Xandar,  , (Rhomann Dey). This hit Marvel movie, upcoming Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2, has been written and directed by James Gunn and hosts some big names such as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper and Glenn Close. Looking forward to seeing this second installment of a child, the character of Peter Quill/Star-Lord played by (Chris Pratt) from earth, who had been abducted and raised by a group of alien thieves and smugglers called the Ravagers.

Over in Atlanta, the Sequel is being filmed, and the main focus will be on Peter Quill, helping him to learn more about his father as this was a question along with the whereabouts of the injured Nebula that was left hanging in the balance following the first movie.

Speaking in a Facebook chat, director James confirmed that John C. Reilly who played Rhomann Dey in the first film, will not be returning, while Benicio Del Toro, who played the Collector (and appeared in a post-credits scene after Thor: The Dark World) will not be in the sequel. He did, however, hint that Benicio may re-appear in other related movies.

James said that while Benicio “just didn’t fit into Volume 2″, he is “very excited to see him in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) in the future”.

He told Vulture last week (14Apr16), that “at its heart, Guardians is a story about families. And if the first film was about him and his mother, this is a story about fathers. So it’s exciting to go there.”

“Listen, I’m still excited about Star-Lord’s character and where he goes,” he added. “I knew for a long time what the story of the second one was going to be,” he admitted, “and the third one!”

It will be an exciting 2017, when the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, will hit the big screens in the U.S. on May 5 and in the U.K. on 28 April.

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Daisy Lewellyn, 36 Dies Of Rare Cancer

Daisy Lewellyn has passed away. The ‘Blood, Sweat & Heels’ star was just thirty-six years old at the time of her death on April 8, 2016, she died from a rare form of Cancer, bile duct cancer, which attacks the digestive tract leading to the liver. Lewellyn, who was a California native once worked with several fashion publications and she was also known as the Queen of Effortless Chic in fashion circles, she also wrote for magazines such as InStyle, Glamour, and Essence magazines. She was also the author of

Lewellyn authored “Never Pay Retail Again: Shop Smart, Spend Less, & Look Your Best Ever”.

In a Bravo spokesperson words,

 ”Daisy passed on in peace and filled with joy, surrounded by her family and friends. We are all saddened to lose this wonderful woman.”
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Essence magazine, posted news of her death today, calling Lewellyn “sunny and warm, a breath of fresh air in springtime.”

“You could not help but be swept away by her vivacious personality,” Essence editor-in-chief Vanessa De Luca wrote, adding that “she was always stunning, yet so down to earth and quick with a laugh.”

Also, when she heard about her diagnosis last year,

she said she was not afraid to die.

“It wasn’t like I wanted to die, and it wasn’t like I didn’t want to live,” she said in an interview with the Madame Noire website, “because I absolutely love my life, and I’ve always loved my life — but they told me it was stage three cancer. I was like, ‘Well if it’s my time to go, I’m OK with it.’”

Bravo’s Andy Cohen tweeted his thoughts about Lewellyn:

I am just heartbroken about Daisy Lewellyn. What a wonderful spirit, force of life, & a great person. She lit up every room. Sad day.

Daisy had such wonderful infectious energy. We were all rooting for her. Another good one is gone.

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Ronnie Corbett death, Sir Bruce Forsyth Says Saddest Day Ever!

Sir Bruce Forsyth describes the death of Ronnie Corbett one of the saddest days he ever experienced in his life. The longtime British television presenter and entertainer paid tribute to him when he heard the news that he died this morning, March 31, 2016, early morning. Corbett, who was a Scottish stand-up comedian and eighty-eight-year-old Forsyth remained friends most of his long-standing career is saddened with deep sorrow when he heard that the eighty-five-year-old had passed away.

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Bruce said:

”Ronnie was a friend, someone I admired so much. It’s a very very sad day, I am going to miss him like crazy, I really will.

”We loved rehearsing together, I think I can speak for him the same way, we loved getting in the rehearsal room and go through the things we were going to do – we had a sense of humour about each other, which is why he was so lovely to work with.”

There were also other tributes, English comedian David Walliams spoke of him saying, he was a ”comedy idol.”

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge wrote on Twitter:

”Goodbye my friend and comedy idol #RonnieCorbett Thank you for all the laughs. It was the greatest honour to know and work with you. (sic)”

Miranda Hart has been in floods of tears since hearing the news, while Russell Crowe thanked Ronnie for ”all the laughs.”

The 43-year-old comedienne said:

”Having a little weep at the death of one of my heroes Ronnie Corbett. As he would say ”Miranda you can’t look up to me”. Goodbye from me.”

And the Hollywood actor added:

”It’s good night from Ronnie Corbett. Thanks for all the laughs mate. (sic)”

When the news broke that he died, family, fans and friends were deeply heartbroken, at the time of his death he had been in the company of his nearest and dearest. Also, he did battle some illnesses such as gall stone problems, a knee operation and a collapse.

Despite his battle with poor health in recent years, the Scottish-born funnyman has spent most of his life on television screens.

Left behind to mourn is his wife Anne Hart, and two children, daughters Emma and Sophie Corbett.

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Frances Bean Cobain Files for Divorce, Seeks To Keep Fortune

Frances Bean files for divorce twenty-one months into her marriage. The only child of the late Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love started dating musician Isaiah Silva, then they exchanged their vows secretly, Bean is now just thinking about protecting her four hundred and fifty million dollar fortune. People had confirmed this news,

in divorce documents obtained by PEOPLE, the 23-year-old daughter of Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain is citing irreconcilable differences, after 21 months of marriage.

Cobain states in the documents that Silva – whom she wed on June 29 2014 – should not be entitled to any money from her father’s estate, which is valued at $450 million.The filing asks that all premarital assets including Cobain’s inheritance be awarded to her as separate property.

During their relationship for the past five years, the pair kept out of the spotlight and she did not publicly acknowledge their marriage, also, she is willing to make sure the Eeries front-man gets spousal support.

TMZ had been the first to report this news.

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Shemar Moore Bids Farewell To Criminal Minds

Shemar Moore is putting away is bullet proof vest as he is planning on leaving his Criminal Minds role, he now wants to put focus into his life with his family. Following the episode “A Beautiful Disaster” on Wednesday he will be walking away from the BAU. As the former soap star, The Young and the Restless role of Malcolm Winters from 1994 to 2005 and his role as Derek Morgan from 2005 to 2016, many fans will miss Morgan as he begins his new journey, there was a heartfelt message left from Executive Producer Erica Messer from the Criminal Minds team:

All of us at Criminal Minds are sad to say “see you later” to Agent Derek Morgan. Even sadder that our friend Shemar Moore isn’t on set anymore. It was definitely a surprise that he wanted “To leap,” as Shemar said, “to try new things.” For those reasons, we have nothing but love and respect for him and his choice. But it doesn’t mean we can’t also be really, really sad.

It was important that we honor a character who has grown with us for over a decade, which is why we wrote the 3-episode arc for Morgan. Those final episodes were directed by fellow actors with the last one co-written by his “baby girl,” Kirsten Vangsness. Thomas Gibson got things started with an amazing journey in “Derek,” followed by our milestone 250th episode directed by Joe Mantegna. Matthew Gray Gubler helmed “A Beautiful Disaster,” helping Shemar and Morgan walk out with a proud, determined stride. One that we’ve been honored to have on our team for eleven years.

As you’ve seen since the beginning, the BAU doesn’t just survive change, they thrive in it. After they stop to mourn the loss of what was, they adapt. This is what makes our heroes relatable—they have to shift and settle in to what becomes their new normal, just like the rest of us when we’re faced with unexpected changes. And sometimes good things happen, too. Old friends come back to “work the case.” Next week, you’ll see Paget Brewster reprise her role as Agent Emily Prentiss helping kick off the last four episodes of the season.

The end of this year will remind you why the BAU is the best of the best at catching the worst of the worst. We’ll introduce you to new foes like ones played by Devon Gumersall and Frances Fisher. And we’ll bring back one from your nightmares—Mr. Scratch. The surprising finale will leave you knowing our fight for good has only just begun.

On behalf of the cast and crew, thank you for cheering us on every week. We’re so privileged to entertain you through stories about these elite heroes. The BAU knows the bad guys outnumber the good so when one of them leaves, they have no choice but to keep going. Even though they’re finishing the season an agent down, they’ll keep up the fight because the BAU wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is possible that his fans may see him somewhere down the road,
“This business is all about politics, so I’m not promising anything,” he said. “But from a creative place, from a passionate place, if I’m asked intermittently to come back like they did at ‘The Young and the Restless,’ from my heart, the answer is yes, yes, yes, yes.”

More on Moore, he is an Oakland, California native and for his mom, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, has done several charity events to raise money for MS research.

Will miss him on Criminal Minds, let me know.

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