Christopher Lee, Count Dracula Has Died

Christopher Lee has died. The ninety-three-year-old British actor and author, at the beginning of his career portrayed villains, he was Count Dracula, The Wicker Man, gothic romance Corridor of Mirrors and starred in The Man with the Golden Gun, Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars prequel trilogy. He sadly passed away following his hospital stay for respiratory problems and heart failure on Sunday at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, according to sources, he was known for his muscular intelligence with a staggering career

The decision to release the news days after was based on his wife’s desire to inform family members first. The couple had been married for over 50 years.

During his career, he also released a series of heavy metal albums, including Charlemagne: The Omens of Death.

Lee’s most famous role was playing Dracula, but he wasn’t pleased with how the character was treated.

“They gave me nothing to do!” he told Total Film in 2005. “I pleaded with Hammer to let me use some of the lines that Bram Stoker had written. Occasionally, I sneaked one in. Eventually, I told them that I wasn’t going to play Dracula anymore. All hell broke loose.”

In a 2012 interview, Lee spoke about his love of acting.

“Making films has never just been a job to me, it is my life,” he said. “I have some interests outside of acting – I sing and I’ve written books, for instance – but acting is what keeps me going, it’s what I do, it gives life purpose.”

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Sheridan Smith Had Been Left Emotionally Wrecked Over Drama.

Sheridan Smith has been left heartbroken over drama. The English actress and dancer came to much her fame when she starred in the comedy shows Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Love Soup, Gavin & Stacey, Grownups and Benidorm. Well during the time of filming for her new ITV drama ‘Black Work’.

Sheridan Smith felt heartbroken after filming dramatic scenes for new ITV drama ‘Black Work’, the thirty-three-year-old was feeling emotionally distraught from her acting in the series, she plays,

mother and police widow Jo Gillespie, whose husband is shot dead in mysterious circumstances leaving her to break the news to their two children.

She said:

“You get so involved in it all. The scene where she has to tell them their father is dead broke my heart and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for a real family.”

Smith and her on-screen children got really close, they are played by  Honor Kneafsey and Oliver Woolford,

 which only added to the emotion in their scenes together.

She admitted:

“I became so close with both of them and there are some emotional moments. I put myself in those scenes.

“We were in a beautiful cathedral. Holding Honor’s hand and having to walk behind the officers carrying the coffin was really powerful to film.”

The three-part drama will air later this month.

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Cookery writer Marguerite Patten,99, Has Passed Away.

Marguerite Patten has died. She was an English home economist, food writer and broadcaster and a native of Bath, Somerset lived a long life, she was ninety-nine years old at the time of her passing. The family have been the ones to confirm on Wednesday that the Cookery writer who introduced pressure cooker to austerity Britain in the late Forties died.

More on Pattern, she was author of over one hundred and seventy books and in 2011 she had suffered a stroke., it was Thursday, June 4, 105 when she died an illness stoically borne”.

At the time of her death, she lived in Brighton, East Sussex. She was a regular on shows such as Cookery Club, Food And Drink, Masterchef and Ready Steady Cook.

She refused to describe herself as a celebrity chef, telling one interviewer:

“I am not. To the day I die, I will be a home economist.”

Jane Garvey, the host of Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour, was among those to pay tribute to Mrs Patten on Twitter:

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James Last, German Big Band Leader, 86, Dies

James Last has died. He was eighty-sixed at the tome of his death and he was known as a German composer and big band leader during the post-war period, he passed in Palm Beach, Florida at his home. Just last year he had revealed that he was seriously sick. He was known for what became known as “Happy Sound”.

In a statement, his manager said:

“Mr Last passed away yesterday [June 9 2015] in Florida, peacefully and in the presence of his family.”
Born Hans Last on April 17 1929, the man always known to friends as Hansi became highly adept at adapting pop hits to big band arrangements and in his lifetime he sold more than 80 million albums worldwide. He performed about 2,500 live concerts during a career spanning five decades, after clinching his first record deal in 1964.

Also about him, he worked with other musicians, which includes Cliff Richard, Freddy Quinn, Richard Clayderman and René Kollo.

Last modestly explained his musical ability in his 2009 autobiography, stating:

“I am simply lucky enough to be one of the few people in the world who can hear one kind of music and immediately be able to translate it into another without having to think too much about it.”

When he was just a child, he learned to play the tuba and piano and when he was a teen, he played bass.

A public memorial service will take place in Hamburg in the coming weeks.

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Towie’s Chloe Sims Unhappy Elliott Wright Exchanged Numbers With Coronation Street’s Actress

Chloe Sims is not happy with Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent. The Only Way Is Essex. isn’t because she and Elliott Wright exchanged numbers. The Newbury Park London, England, United Kingdom, English television personality, glamour model and entrepreneur is upset because they did while at Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan‘s wedding

Remember when Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright got married, and it was the showbiz wedding of the year? Yep, it was pretty swish and gorgeous wasn’t it? Well, that wedding may have played cupid to another potential showbiz couple!

There have been whispers that Mark’s cousin, Elliott Wright, swapped numbers with Michelle’s old Corrie buddy, 23-year-old Brooke Vincent. We might not need to pack our hats away quite yet!

But someone who’s not quite as happy about the new possible hot couple in town, is Elliott’s ex-girlfriend, Chloe Sims.

In her column in Star magazine, the 33-year-old thinks that some lines of the girl code have been crossed here. You know, sisters before misters, fries before guys – all those unwritten but essential rules.

‘I’ve been out with her a few times – once in Elliott’s company when we were together. It’s an odd thing to do as she knows me,’ Chloe fumes.

But who’s to say it wasn’t Elliott who asked Brooke for her number?

‘He’s a single guy and can do whatever he wants,’ Chloe says.

Ouch. Can someone pass Elliott a cold flannel please? Because we think he just got burned…

Sims and Wright, both thirty-four have been in an on and off relationship for some time now. [Read more...]

Tom Hanks Son Wanted By Police Over Smashed Up Hotel Room

Chester ‘Chet’ Hanks is wanted by police. He is the son of actor Tom Hanks, and allegedly the British police are looking for him because of an alleged £1,200 worth of damage smashing up a hotel room following. He is a twenty-four-year-old rapper and reportedly he has caused,

£1,200 worth of damage to the four-star room at Gatwick Airport, just outside of London, after three women refused to sleep with him.

After partying at a club in the capital, a source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “He then went back to the hotel with a British actor friend and three female promoters. He was sick in the car park and then went up to the room and got really loud.

“He asked the girls if they would join him in the bed, but they are not like that. So he started screaming and making a right noise. He saw some sprinkled make-up called banana powder and started asking ‘who’s got the coke?’ But nobody did drugs there.

“Then he started shouting that he was not going to share it with another man.

“Then all you could hear was this smashing and crashing. Next morning he was gone but the room was trashed. Everything was smashed and there was glass all over the floor.”

More on Hanks, he also reportedly said that since he was sixteen he has been battling substance abuse,

allegedly had his Instagram account suspended for using the n-word, hitting back in a separate post insisting he didn’t do anything wrong because he believes in “FREE SPEECH (sic).”

Regarding the hotel room drama – which Chester has reportedly rejected as “a slanderous bold-faced lie” – a Sussex Police spokesman said: “A guest has caused an estimated £1,200 of damage to a hotel room.

“We have been given the name of the suspect, a 24-year-old man from the USA. We are working with other agencies to try to trace him so he can be interviewed.”

More on Chester, he is from Los Angeles, California, he starred in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Project X (2012) and Bratz, and he is the child of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

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