Stephanie Davis Suspended Social Media Over Relationship Backlash!

Stephanie Davis has decided to walk away from social media. The Hollyoaks actress (Sinead O’Connor) made this decision over accusations flying around that she had hit her boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, because he, himself posted online a picture of his swollen eye. The English, twenty-two, who had also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother, Holby City and Doctors and the BBC talent-search Over the Rainbow suspended her Twitter and Instagram accounts following a night out at Level nightclub in Concert Square on Friday night (18.03.16),  leaving him with an alleged  swollen eye.  McConnell has denied theses accusations, but some of his fans don’t really believe this as there has been speculation, that the couple has experienced relationship troubles already.

Taking to her Twitter account yesterday (20.03.16), she made the announcement,

she will be signing off the site for a while after people began to speculate she and Jeremy were in trouble again following his bruised face.

She wrote:

”Who ever invented social media boring reading all of this. Will not be tweeting for a while.steph X (sic).”

 McConnell also begged fans to give their relationship, which has hit the headlines every day since it flourished on TV last month, a ”day off” as he spilled the beans on his eye.

McConnell, who is twenty-six and still has an active Twitter account, wrote:

”Again people speculating . I got bottled on the streets of Liverpool. Police are looking into it . Thanks for your kind words everyone … Best night last night with loved ones and for the low life that threw a bottle at my face on way home and ran. Say you feel hard as nails … 1 of the best loving nights I’ve had in a long time and people trying to say Steph attacked me. Give us a day off … (sic).”

More on the couple, they met in January, fell for each other, she resides in Liverpool.

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Former ‘EastEnders’ Rula Lenska Charged With Drinking And Driving Flipping Car

Rula Lenska has been charged with drinking and driving. The English actress and former wife of British actor Dennis Waterman had been on a drive just earlier this week on Monday (23.02.16) in Twickenham and what happened, she flipped her car as she ploughed into a parked car as her three-year-old grandson as in the back seat. She is also known as a former star of the British Soap the ‘EastEnders’.

According to an eye-witness Paul Mayhew, 54,

told The Sun newspaper: ”The Mini hit the back of another car, pushing it onto the kerb, and it ended up on its side.

”A lot of people stopped and tried to help. As a result of the accident, the Mini’s ignition was killed, the doors were locked and the windows were powered up, so we couldn’t get in. It took quite a long time to get the woman calm.

”There was a child in a car seat in the back. Once we got them out we rolled the car back on its wheels. The woman was very shaky. The child was fine.”

Lenska, sixty-eight years old had been arrested

for driving with excess alcohol in her system following a breath test.

She was charged and bailed the following day and is scheduled to appear at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on March 10.

More on the star, she had two failed marriages.

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Katie May, Model ‘Queen Of Snapchat’ Just 34, Tragically Died

Such sad news, Katie May, Playboy Model And ‘Queen Of Snapchat’ has sadly passed away, she was just thirty-four years old and a mother to a seven-year-old. It’s such a horrible story, she was just modeling at a photo shoot when she had a fall, injuring her neck which seems to have led to her stroke causing her untimely death. What seems to have actually happened is she tore her neck’s carotid artery, causing a blood clot, sadly though she died February 4th when she was taken off life, in the presence of friends and The Playboy model died after suffering a “catastrophic” stroke, according to TMZ.

May was admitted to the hospital on Monday following the stroke, which was caused by a blockage in her carotid artery, as HNGN previously reported.

At such a terrible time, she leaves behind many sad fans and followers, and a heartbroken family.

We respectfully ask for privacy at this difficult time,” her brother said, according to People.

“Anyone who was lucky enough to know Katie May was truly blessed by her incredible heart, mind and soul,” the page reads. “She was an inspiration and a guiding light to so many people in this world.”

“Please help us by donating money to support her daughter and best friend Mia. Mia was Katie’s whole life, so please help Katie, Mia and us by donating money to Mia.”

Katie’s last message on Instagram was a positive one, posted just hours before the stroke. “Hope everyone is having a great Monday!”

Thoughts are with her loved ones at this time.

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Eamonn Holmes Surgery hopes for new lease on life

Eamonn Holmes says he hopes for a new leases on life. He is a journalist and broadcaster from Northern Ireland and at present, he presents Sky News, Songs of Praise and This Morning and he will be getting a double hip replacement surgery and he is anxious to return to the screens to show,

viewers the spring he now has in his step.

Next month the fifty-six-year-old will be enduring the procedure following years of horrible pain, and he feels he will make returning in about ten weeks to the much loved show,

with an obvious spring in his step.

He explained:

”I’m going to be rebuilt… they are taking out both of my hips and giving me new ones. I’ve put it off for too long …and for me, I think it’ll be a new lease of life.”

This may be better for him, but, on the other hand, his wife, Ruth had petrified feelings of possible complications, she even bought him a bell so when he comes back home, he will surely use it often.

Speaking to her husband on the show, she added:

”I had a cry the other night because I was so worried about you.”

He also received another gift from his co-presenter Rylan Clark-Neal, a Manchester United shirt, the football signed by Wayne Rooney and a club mug.

More on Holmes, he also co-presented GMTV and co-hosted This Morning with his wife Ruth Langsford.

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Louisa Lytton Rushed To Hospital Following Dramatic Fall.

Louisa Lytton has been rushed to the hospital. The English actress, known formerly as Ruby Allen on the Soap the EastEnders endured a shock dramatic fall on The Jump. Following the fall she got medical advice falling on the Austria slopes while she was in training. Durin winter sports practice she incident occurred halfway down.

A source explained:

”She was in a bad way on the slopes and it didn’t help that she was stuck halfway down.”There was no easy way to get to her and Mountain Rescue were needed to take her off to the hospital.”She was clearly in a lot of pain and it was all very scary as no-one knew how bad her condition really was.”

Luckily test which included X-rays and a CT scan revealed she had been left with just some extreme bruising, a fractured her thumb and bruised her backside will still compete for the first time this Sunday, January 31, 2016

The insider explained:

”She was devastated by the fall and it has really knocked her confidence.”

The source told The Sun newspaper:

”The whole process has been a struggle for her but after all of the suffering she isn’t going to let anything get in the way of taking part.”She wants to reinvigorate her career so crashing out before the show has even started just isn’t an option.”

A little more on Lytton,she also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.

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Denise Richards Charlie Sheen’s Ex Lawyer Brands Her Greedy

Denise Richards has been branded greedy. Richards is well known, she made a name for self as a former fashion model and she’s been many movies, well it seems she’s doing it again because a lawyer for former Two and a Half men actress called her greedy., saying she is just trying to squeeze all she can out of the well-known star, Sheen. What the forty-four ha suggest that she ex-has not provided the financial support to their daughters eleven-year-old Sam and ten-year-old Lola, so she has filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against him. However his attorney Martin Singer claims different, she, in fact, is just wanting to get all the money she can from fifty-year-old Sheen. This is not the first time thing she has done to Sheen, she also try to suggest he didn’t put his children first to his lawyer.

Mr. Singer said:

”I’ve been representing Charlie for more than 20 years.

””Patty [Glaser] is just the latest in a long string of lawyers who Denise has hired to squeeze as much money as she can out of Charlie. This motion has nothing do with their children. Denise is simply being greedy.

”She isn’t satisfied receiving $55,000 per month tax free – more than what 99% of the people in the world make. Now, she’s asking Charlie to pay her more money so she can buy a second home because one $7 million home isn’t enough for her.”

The lawyer spoke out after Denise’s attorney, Patty Glaser, said the actress had sought to take action to protect her kids from their father’s ”erratic lifestyle”.

Responding to Martin previously accusing Denise of making a ”desperate attempt” to get money from Charlie, Ms. Glaser said:

”Not only are Mr. Singer’s comments about Ms. Richards blatantly inaccurate, they’re also inappropriate, and unprofessional.

”Ms. Richards is doing everything she can to protect her children from the fallout of Mr. Sheen’s erratic lifestyle and its enormously negative impact on their children.”

In response, Mr. Singer said:

”I’m not going to stoop to Patty Glaser’s level by attacking her personally though it’s ironic that she would comment on Charlie’s lifestyle considering that it was her client who wanted to marry him.

”And, as a result of that marriage, Denise became a very rich woman.”

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