Ginuwine Wins Battle Long Running Album Cash Battle

Ginuwine has won the battle over album cash. The singer-songwriter, dancer and rapper, real name Elgin Baylor Lumpkin is the winner in long standing court fight against his former music producer Robert Reives, who is behind his 1996 record, it had been over royalties from his debut album. It has been since 2008 that accusations have been going around that he owes Reives $250,000 in royalties and interest. But the outcome is different according to a New York City judge which has ruled in favor of Ginuwine saying he owes nothing, but on the hand Reives has been ordered to his court costs, according to the New York Daily News.

Now according to Ginuwine’s lawyer, his client is planning on getting his career up and going again now that the court case is done saying,

“He’s out working hard to get his career moving on an upward trajectory. I’m glad for him that this is something he no longer has to be concerned about. I’m sure he is, too.”

Ginuwine’s financial troubles were made public during the case and his attorney revealed the former chart star was on the verge of bankruptcy.

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Working Class Poet Philip Levine Has Died

Philip Levine has died. He was a Pulitzer Prize winning American poet best known for his poems about working-class Detroit, at the time of his death he was eighty seven years old he passed away at his home in Fresno, California home from pancreatic and liver cancer. He also received the National Book Awards, Ruth Lily Poetry Prize and National Book Critics Circle Award. He leaves behind to mourn his wife Frances J. Artley, his two brothers, three sons, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild

He also taught in several colleges,

Edward Hirsch, a friend of Levine and president of the Guggenheim added:

‘We’ve lost a great presence in American poetry.’

The Detroit native was in born in 1928, he was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, his father was an auto-parts salesman and his mother found work as an office manager, He was also a lover of the earth and sky as much as any poet of nature,

He was married two times, once to Patty Kanterman and to Frances J. Artley, his wife since 1954.

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Dougie Poynter Celebrates With Ellie Goulding Four Years Sober

Dougie Poynter is celebrating. The English singer and girlfriend Ellie Goulding are because it is now four years of sobriety, Goulding has called ‘McBusted‘ boyfriend an amazing man. The McFly band girlfriend member took to Instagram the saying her bassist boyfriend was an “amazing man”.

It was back in February, 2011, when Poynter’s suicide attempt came to light as he found it hard to overcome drinking, it was revealed in his autobiography Unsaid Things… Our Story.

Taking to Instagram to post a picture of the star, Ellie wrote:

“This amazing man is four years sober today. What a legend @idougahole”.

Twenty seven year old Poynter also congratulated himself on the achievement,

“I am 4 years sober today!”

He also treated in rehab for depression. after he recovered he won the 11th series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

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Pioneering Sportscaster Rhonda Glenn, 68, Has Died


Rhonda Glenn has die. She was an American sportscaster, award winning author and a manager of communications for the USGA, at the time of her death the pioneering female Sportscaster was sixty eight years old, she died of Cancer Thursday night in a Gainesville, Florida hospital, this is what the Associated Press has reported. Following her days with ESPN, she spent seventeen years as a golf historian and manager of media operations for the U.S. Golf Association, she retired in May, 2013.

“In addition to her many accomplishments, what we will miss most about Rhonda is her generosity of spirit, her passion for the game and the people who play it, as well as her kindness and humility,” said Mike Davis, executive director of the USGA, in a statement. “In many respects, she truly represented all that was best about our game.”

It was back in 16 when she started as a sports reporter.

“The fact that I was on what you would call the ‘cutting edge’ really didn’t make an impact on me,” Glenn told ESPN in a profile published in 2013. “It wasn’t something I strived for. I never wanted to be the first, I just wanted the job.”

Also for sixteen years Glenn was a ABC Sports golf commentator.

More on Glenn it was in Palm Beach Florida where she leaned to play Golf, she was also given a William D. Richardson Award for outstanding contributions to the game, in February 6, 1981 she was the first full-time national TV network female sportscaster broadcasting at ESPN. She was also a golf commentator for ABC from 1978 to 1994.

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Mike Tindall Taken To Nearby Hospital On Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

Mike Tindall suffered head injury while on Bear Grylls: Mission Survive. The former English rugby player, who is married to Zara Phillips needed to be taken to the hospital by producers for the kind of injury in which he endured

The new survival programme sees eight celebrities accompanied by adventurer Bear Grylls travel through Central American rainforests, and the 40-year-old professional admitted there was one particularly gruesome moment for the former rugby captain when he sustained a deep gash after being hit by a piece of wood.

Recalling the incident, he said:

“I knew it was bad so we had to get him out of there.

“We had to get him to hospital where he needed to be stitched up.”

The thirty six year old received the treatment he needed to return back to the show.

Bear explained how the Olympic athlete almost drowned in a 300ft waterfall on one occasion while taking part in the mission, describing the moment as “touch and go”.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said:

“She started going under. That was a little bit touch and go.”

On Friday, February 20, 2015 the show will have it’s debut date at 9pm on ITV1.

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Jackie Chan’s Son Following Public Apology.Vows He’s Going To Change

Jackie Chan’s son says he vows to change following a public apology. He is a very popular Hong Kong actor and martial artist and his son Jaycee just spent a six months in jail and he seems to have had an change of heart, and he is determined to change. What the Around the World in 80 Days star’s son did was allow other people to take drugs into his apartment, when during a police raid they found marijuana. On February 13, 2015 he was freed after serving his time. It was on February 14, 2015 when he held a press conference in Beijing, China,

where he publicly apologized for his unacceptable behavior and revealed he received no special treatment in prison despite his dad’s celebrity status. At the conference, Chan said, “After this correction by the justice system, I have changed my outlook on life and my values… I’m very ashamed that I haven’t been a good role model. I want to start again, but I know that it’s the mass media that will decide.”

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