‘Happy Days’ Star Scott Baio Not So Happy His Wife Diagnosed With Brain Tumour

Scott Baio has spoken out about his wife’s brain tumour, he asks for prayers and support saying she is my rock. The former Happy Days actor may nit be having happy days now as his wife is battling a sickness. The fifty-five-year-old former Charles in Charge reveals that is wife Renee, forty-two, who is the mother of his seven-year-old daughter Bailey had learned the news recently. In a Facebook post published this week. And Baio says it’s not sure right now if doctors will be able to remove the growth surgically.

“Just a few days ago we learned my wife, Renee has a meningioma brain tumor,” he wrote. “Although 90% of these type of tumors are benign they can cause serious problems depending on the size of the tumor and the location. We are waiting to learn the exact location to see if its operable.”

Meningiomas are among the most common types of brain tumors, occur most often between ages 40 and 70 and are usually noncancerous, but can still cause serious health complications and even death depending on their size or location, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Treatment can involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“Renee has been down some rough roads in her life, yet each time with her strong faith in God, she comes through a better and stronger person,” Scott continued. “During this time we ask for your prayers and support.”

“My wife is my rock. She refuses to even shed one tear, nor will she question God’s will,” he added.

“Renee, Bailey and I will get through this and along the way maybe help educate others to get checked out (MRI with contrast) as 6,500 people each year, mostly women get these tumors.”

If you remember Sherly Crow was diagnosed with one in 2012.

The couple married in 2007, Baio quoted Renee as saying,

“Thanks 4 the well wishes. A meningioma brain tumor is just a small bump in the road compared to the trials & tribulations my spec needs kids live.”

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Journey Drummer, Who Donated To High School Charged With Domestic Violence

Deen Castronovo has been arrested, He is a drummer and singer and he has played in several notable hard rock and metal acts, such as Cacophony, Bad English, Wild Dogs, Dr. Mastermind, Hardline, Planet Us, Soul Sirkus and Social Distortion.He now plays with Journey and Revolution Saints nad what the story is, he has been released on bail after he had been arrested in Oregon for domestic violence. On Sunday the fifty-year-old was handed over the charge of misdemeanour assault and menacing.

Deputy District Attorney Jean Kunkle wrote in court papers that Castronovo knowingly caused physical injury to the woman.

Castronovo’s attorney, Jeffrey Jones, did not immediately return a phone message.

A plea hearing has been scheduled for June 30. In the meantime, the drummer is not allowed to have contact with the woman.

Castronovo has been with Journey since 1998 when he replaced Steve Smith.

Castronovo made news earlier this year when he donated $10,000 to an Oregon high school after an arsonist burned down its band room.

Watch for Journey’s they are set to play on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at FirstOntario Centre.

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Emmerdale’s Gemma Oaten’s Explains Shocking Emotional Anti-Bullying Speech

Gemma Oaten gives an emotional anti-bullying speech: ‘I lost all self-esteem, confidence and self-worth’. The thirty-one-year-old star of the Soap Emmerdale and it was during the Ben Cohen Stand-up Foundation when she gave her powerful speech past is really heartbreaking, she explained about the experiences that she dealt with when she was younger and bullied, the way it affected her and her speech may just shock you than thought.

‘If I told you at the age of ten, I was admitted to a children’s psychiatric unit and I was told if I didn’t drink a cup of water, I’d be dead in 24 hours,’ Gemma said to a hushed room of supporters.

‘If I told you at 14, I was emaciated and on hospital bed yet again and would be dead if I didn’t go on a drip.

‘If I told you at 19, I stood in my kitchen with a knife at my wrist, about to end it all.
‘And if I told you at 20, I had a heart attack – would you believe me? And that all stemmed from bullying.’

More on the actress, she went through a twelve year battle with anorexia, she was bullied in primary school, thrown at her by others were tampons, wet towels, and other horrible things.

‘I just wish they’d dragged me out of that cubicle, and beat me to a pulp, because what they were doing was behind closed doors, and there were no physical scars, but mentally, I lost all self-esteem, I lost all confidence, I lost all self-worth,’ Gemma said.

It all started when a young Gemma went from being a tom-boy who liked to play football and be one of the lads, started becoming more of a woman. And a group of girls did not like that one bit.

‘I spoke out eventually. My biggest, biggest regret was not speaking out sooner,’ she says.

Now also as a patron of her mum and dad’s eating disorder charity, Seed, it is these experiences of Gemma’s, that makes her feel so passionately about anti-bullying, and feel so grateful for a charity like Ben Cohen’s Stand-up Foundation.

‘If there’s something we can do with our little bit of profile that we have, is to raise awareness and I have absolute utmost admiration for what Ben has done in terms of speaking out about a tragedy in terms of helping others,’ Gemma says. ‘Twenty years ago, there wasn’t this sort of help happening.’

And it wasn’t just us who were touched and moved by Gemma’s speech. She received a standing ovation of applause and whooping, as she finished with a pretty kick-ass statement.

‘Never let anyone dull your sparkle. And I’m gonna stand here like a big glitter pole, and I’m gonna stick two fingers right up in the air to all those bullies who tried to kill me and say: Puffing you with glitter right now.’

Oaten is a,

Anti-Bullying Ambassador as part of The Diana Award – encouraging, empowering and engaging young people – and is talking to school children about the subject.

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Claire Sweeney Heartbreak And Joy

Claire Sweeny heartbreak and joy. The English actress and television personality, who played Lindsey Corkhill in the soap opera Brookside and her boyfriend have broken up just months after her son was born. The Liverpool, Merseyside native and Daniel Reilly brought the little one into this world in September. The forty-four-year-old also broke once before back on Christmas Eve, 2012 following their engagement. She spoke fondly about the dad-to-be during their reconciliation, saying: ‘We’re together all the time now. Daniel has been living with me and looking after me. He’s been so lovely.’

Claire told the MailOnline.

that it was the end of the road for her and Daniel (cue the Boyz II Men song).

‘Whilst we have decided not to remain together we are committed to bringing up our wonderful son and making sure we are great parents and supporting each other to achieve that.’

Claire and Daniel’s little boy, Jaxon, was a bundle of joy and amazing news for the couple, as Claire had experienced two miscarriages before.

Even though they are longer a couple they are still keeping together as a parenting team saying Daniel is a hands-on dad,

‘The priority is the baby. Daniel just took to nappy changing straight away and he’s always here supporting me. I couldn’t wish for anyone better.’

‘He took him off me for a few hours this morning so I could sleep for a while.’

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Charlotte Hawkins Discusses Heartbreaking Loss Of Her Father, Birth Of Daughter

Charlotte Hawkins has opened up. As a British television presenter and journalist, who at this time is employed by ITV.Breakfast programme Good Morning Britain.following her heartbreak of losing her dad on her return back to Good Morning Britain to raise awareness about Motor Neurone Disease, she has been on an occasional roller coaster lately. It was just yesterday when she returned back following the birth of her daughter she called Ella Rose, this year February. It was sad because just a few weeks before the baby was born she faces terrible loss, her father Frank passed away to a long battle with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). So because of this she is on a campaign this month keeping her
dad’s memory alive, but also getting the message across about the sickness.

‘We need to find a cure, every penny counts… the one thing that really shocked me when dad got his diagnosis was that in this day and age, with all the medical advancement that we have, there’s nothing… there’s no cure, there’s no treatment, there’s one drug that slows the symptoms, but that’s it.

‘Effectively it’s a death sentence.’

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden on This Morning, the 40-year-old TV host opened up about what life was like, living with the disease, and how it not only affected her father, but their whole family, saying: ‘It shook all our worlds… And to discover then more about it, and the effect that it has on a person’s body… they end up being a shell of the person they once were.’

While watching a clip of her dad, Charlotte understandably became emotional, but spoke about how brave her dad handled having MND: ‘And Dad faced the fact that he had this terminal illness, he didn’t let it change him as a person… I never saw him angry or frustrated, even when he lost his mobility and was confined to a wheelchair.’

In 2011, he was given the diagnoses of MND, sadly he didn’t get to meet his granddaughter although he knew she was coming into this world.

and her daughter’s arrival has been a happy blessing, and poetic, saying Ella Rose has been ‘a real positive focus for the family.’

‘It’s the circle of life, my dad leaving us and her arriving.

‘I definitely feel his presence every day, that he’s still watching over us.’

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Guy Pearce’s Dashing Looks Almost Cost Him A Prominent Role

Guy Pearce was ‘too handsome’ for a movie role. At first glance, the Australian actor had been considered too dashing for one of his roles which made him most famous. The forty-seven-year-old former Neighbours star gained a lot of recognition when he starred in the 1995 comedy drama’The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’, he portrayed cross-dresser Adam Whitely, and at the time the director, Stepan Elliot admitted because of his looks he was almost not given the part. The King’s Speech was recalled by Elliott,

“The honest truth is that I didn’t want him. ‘I said, ‘He is too pretty.’ He was too handsome.”

But now according to Elliott this role,

represented a landmark moment in Guy’s career, as it allowed him to disassociate himself from the character of Mike Young, who he played for three years in the Australian soap ‘Neighbours’.

Stephan told the Herald Sun newspaper:

“For him, I think it was a chance to go out and kill Mike from ‘Neighbours’ … when he was in character, he could do everything that Mike from ‘Neighbours’ could never be allowed to do.”

Also about the actor, he once said that he always wanted to be an actor however he doesn’t enjoy being famous.

He shared:

“It’s not what I went into it for, not every actor wants to be Tom Cruise.”

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