‘ EastEnders’ Sian Blake, Such Shocking Horrible News!

resizedimageSian Blake, such sad news, according to the news the former Soap star and her two sons have been found dead. Now if you are a fan of EastEnders, you may know her for the role of Frankie Pierre, which played for fifty-six episodes. The news had been confirmed by a British detective that she and her sons eight-year-old Zachary and four-year-old Amon had been discovered buried at herErith, Kent garden. According to a police spokesperson, her death had been occurred from head and neck injuries,
and that “significant attempts had been made to conceal the bodies.”
It was back on December 16, 205 when the trio had been missing and now under-way is a murder investigation.
Police are currently looking for Blake’s boyfriend and the father of her two sons, 48-year-old Arthur Simpson-Kent. Simpson-Kent had also been missing since Dec. 16, but has since left the U.K. and traveled to Ghana, BBC News reports. “We continue to appeal for any information that could help us trace Sian’s partner, Arthur Simpson-Kent,” Detective Superintendent Paul Monk from the Homicide and Major Crime Command said in a statement. “If anyone has any information about where he is or his movements since December 16, then please get in touch with us.” Since the discovery of the forty three-year-old’s tragic death, there has been flowers and teddy bears left by fans.
More on Blake, she had ALS and was also seen in the Doctors, The Bill and Skins and she became a sign language teacher and interpreter.
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Craig Strickland & Close Friend Heartbreaking Tragic Loss


Craig Strickland  such a sad story, two young men, hunting buddies just embarking on a duck hunting trip, not knowing that this was going to be the last trip that they would ever make, On December 28th, one of the two men, twenty-two-year-old Chase Morland’s body had been found, with his beloved nine-year-old dog called Sam not leaving his side. The other young man, twenty-nine-year-old Country singer Craig Strickland was found dead on Monday, January 4th. Words from his wife Helen Strickland, he can now be at rest with his father in heaven. The sad details surrounding his death was because of hypothermia after the two men braved a brutal winter storm called Goliath. During this unbelievable ordeal, the family stayed hopeful and requested prayers and support.

“It’s more painful for us to think that he could be underwater,” Helen expressed during a Friday interview. “Still, we want that closure in seeing him.”

His now widow, grieving with such pain expressed on Instagram,

“I am so thankful for technology in this moment because I will always have this. I watched this privately prior to walking down the aisle, and so now I want to share this small excerpt with all of you.”

In the clip, Craig pours his heart out to the former Miss Arkansas USA. “There would be times when we’re sitting in our car and stuff, and you don’t notice,” Craig says in the video. “But I’ll look over and be like, ‘This is the person that God has created for me’ and that’s really special to me. And I couldn’t be more lucky.”

His wife thanked their friend for helping her husband produce and edit the special message.

“I will cherish it for ever,” Helen wrote, adding a passage from the Bible that was helping her in her time of grieving. “‘Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalms 116:15,’” she shared. “Thank you Lord for sharing #craigstrickland with me. You allowed me to borrow him on this earth, but he was always Yours. I will forever cherish our year of marriage. This was truly the type of man you were and will always be remembered as. I love you Craig Michael.”

Just a sad loss, for his friends, family and loved ones.

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Ashley Greene’s Two Year Doorman Lawsuit Is Settled

Ashley Greene fire lawsuit has been settled. Best known for the character in Twilight Saga has been in entangled in a legal dispute for two years with a doorman, who had claimed at the time there was a fire at her apartment he had sustained injuries. The Jacksonville, Florida native and the daughter of an insurance worker and a U.S. Marine‘s home in West Hollywood’s Granville Towers had reportedly went up in flames and the cause reportedly was an unattended candle, the incident occurred in March 2013. According to TMZ, she agreed upon the undisclosed settlement with the building’s doorman, Adrian Mayorga,

The member of staff had claimed he was hurt while running through the smoke-filled hallways, yelling for residents to flee the burning building.

Following the fire, she was left heartbroken, one of her much loved dogs a fox terrier called Marlo had perished in the blaze.

It was claimed after the blaze that residents had previously complained to the building manager about their famous tenant.

Ashley’s neighbors were reportedly unsurprised by the fire and claimed she caused commotion by inviting friends and fellow actors over to her condo at all hours of the day, including during the middle of the night, resulting in the people living below her having trouble sleeping.

Four other residents in the block previously sued over the fire, claiming repairing the damage had wrecked their homes and turned the historic building into a ”disruptive construction zone”.

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Yolanda Foster Ex-Husband Scan Advice Saved Her Life

Yolanda Foster talks how her ex-husband had saved her life. She is one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she has opened up about how her former spouse David was there for her for the past year, saying she gave him many thanks for helping her go to a scan, revealing one of her breast implants had moved. Raised by a single mom, she wrote in her words,

“After being properly diagnosed three years ago, I followed strict doctor’s orders 24/7 but made very slow progress as we slowly uncovered the mystery of my failing health.

“Last June, David woke up one morning and said, ‘We are not doing any more treatments until you get a full body scan.’ That scan probably saved my life, as doctors found free-floating silicone under my left arm pit, under my right clavicle bone, and under my rib cage.”

At present, she is on a holiday with her children, Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid.

In her column for BravoTV.com, she added:

“I’m in the snow with my children. We had a beautiful, quiet, no gifting, no stress Christmas; we cooked, ate too much, and played lots of games. Our family tradition of handwritten letters to each other is the one thing I keep close to my heart as there is no greater gift than feeling appreciated by your loved ones.

“Even though it’s freezing cold, it feels good to be close to nature and the infectious energy that comes with having everyone together under one roof–keeping up is worth the fight. I want to be as present as I can be right here, right now, as I know these are precious moments as I watch my kids grow. The holidays come and go so quickly – this break from my disciplined routine is a treat.”

More on the popular star, she had Lyme disease,l she lost her ability to read, write, or even watch TV.

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Nathaniel Marston, Saying Goodbye To A Cherished Son, Soap Star and Husband

Nathaniel Marston, it has been two days since we all heard the sad news that he passed away from surgery complications. It was on October 30 when sadly at just forty years old, a crash would eventually claim his life on November 11, 2015, a day for his fans and everybody else to feel the heartbreak along with his mother. And now today I read somewhere about his ups and downs, yes he found fame after he had been discovered at a bakery, landing to a film role and moving on to the world of Soaps.

He found love, he married Rita Bias and he also was involved in a street fight which lead to an arrest and jail time. But looking at this in a different way, does it all really matter because on that awful day his life was changed in a split moment. He was left with such grave injuries that his Mother wrote on Facebook, my son,

His mother spoke of his tragic injuries, he was fighting pneumonia, a heart infection an irregular pulse his heart stooped twice and if he made it through all this, he most likely live out his life as a quadriplegic.”

died in her arms. “By God’s love and mercy, Nathaniel was spared this living hell.”

The ups and downs are his mother’s and wife’s emotions, just a heartbreaking tragedy.

Jackson announced on Facebook.

“Thank you soo much for your love , kindness, prayers and positive and generous support,” she added. “It really means so much to me.. Sending all of you love, light and Gods blessings.”

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Soap Star, Nathaniel Marston, Dies In Mom’s’ Arms!

Sad news about Nathaniel Marston, as his fans, friends, family and people who heard about his tragic story awake today following a day after hearing that he passed away, it is heartbreaking. He was an actor, and as I have heard he was on the Soaps, As the World Turns and One Life to Live. A little about him, he was from Torrington, Connecticut just forty years old and he moved around a lot with his mother Elizabeth, thoughts are with her day on such a hard day, her emotions must be all over the place. When he was working at a bakery he had been discovered, he appeared in commercials and he had co starred along with actress Angelina Jolie in the film Love Is All There, his roles on the Soaps were Eddie Silva, Al Holden, and Dr. Michael McBain.

He was married to Rita Bias, sadly on October 30, 2015, a car crash left in critical condition fighting for his life, what happened he may have fallen asleep just before his pickup truck flipped several times. It was his mother, who reported,

he was on life support and doctors had advised that, if he survived, he would likely be paralyzed from the neck down.

Marston‘s family said he passed away peacefully in the arms of his mother Elizabeth Jackson on Wednesday.

But today as hearts are broken, dealing with his death on remembrance day, November 11. 2015 although his mother was optimistic he died from complications from the surgery.

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