Ronnie Corbett death, Sir Bruce Forsyth Says Saddest Day Ever!

Sir Bruce Forsyth describes the death of Ronnie Corbett one of the saddest days he ever experienced in his life. The longtime British television presenter and entertainer paid tribute to him when he heard the news that he died this morning, March 31, 2016, early morning. Corbett, who was a Scottish stand-up comedian and eighty-eight-year-old Forsyth remained friends most of his long-standing career is saddened with deep sorrow when he heard that the eighty-five-year-old had passed away.

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Bruce said:

”Ronnie was a friend, someone I admired so much. It’s a very very sad day, I am going to miss him like crazy, I really will.

”We loved rehearsing together, I think I can speak for him the same way, we loved getting in the rehearsal room and go through the things we were going to do – we had a sense of humour about each other, which is why he was so lovely to work with.”

There were also other tributes, English comedian David Walliams spoke of him saying, he was a ”comedy idol.”

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge wrote on Twitter:

”Goodbye my friend and comedy idol #RonnieCorbett Thank you for all the laughs. It was the greatest honour to know and work with you. (sic)”

Miranda Hart has been in floods of tears since hearing the news, while Russell Crowe thanked Ronnie for ”all the laughs.”

The 43-year-old comedienne said:

”Having a little weep at the death of one of my heroes Ronnie Corbett. As he would say ”Miranda you can’t look up to me”. Goodbye from me.”

And the Hollywood actor added:

”It’s good night from Ronnie Corbett. Thanks for all the laughs mate. (sic)”

When the news broke that he died, family, fans and friends were deeply heartbroken, at the time of his death he had been in the company of his nearest and dearest. Also, he did battle some illnesses such as gall stone problems, a knee operation and a collapse.

Despite his battle with poor health in recent years, the Scottish-born funnyman has spent most of his life on television screens.

Left behind to mourn is his wife Anne Hart, and two children, daughters Emma and Sophie Corbett.

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Frances Bean Cobain Files for Divorce, Seeks To Keep Fortune

Frances Bean files for divorce twenty-one months into her marriage. The only child of the late Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love started dating musician Isaiah Silva, then they exchanged their vows secretly, Bean is now just thinking about protecting her four hundred and fifty million dollar fortune. People had confirmed this news,

in divorce documents obtained by PEOPLE, the 23-year-old daughter of Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain is citing irreconcilable differences, after 21 months of marriage.

Cobain states in the documents that Silva – whom she wed on June 29 2014 – should not be entitled to any money from her father’s estate, which is valued at $450 million.The filing asks that all premarital assets including Cobain’s inheritance be awarded to her as separate property.

During their relationship for the past five years, the pair kept out of the spotlight and she did not publicly acknowledge their marriage, also, she is willing to make sure the Eeries front-man gets spousal support.

TMZ had been the first to report this news.

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Katie Price Planning To Be A Jockey

Katie Price is preparing to be a jockey., this is something the English television personality and glamour model would like to do. As reported, she is getting ready to take jockey lessons in order to race competitively. The thirty-seven-year-old former topless model has been riding a horse since she was just seven years old, now owns five horses of her own and has experienced in dressage is in the works of launching a sporting career, when she finds the right animal to compete on. Also, just in a few weeks, she will be racing competitively ahead of a charity event next year.

A source told The Sun newspaper:

”Katie’s taking this very seriously and believes she has the talent and passion.”Her priority now is finding the right racehorse. She has her sights set on a black beauty she wants to buy.”If the charity race goes well, the next step will be competitive racing.”
She once mentioned that she would,
ride her horse every day if she could and has had a life-long passion for equines, saying,
She has said:

”Growing up, my friends had pop stars on their wall while I had horses.

More on the star, she is a native of Brighton, East Sussex, south England, she excelled at sport and swimming, and when she was younger, she developed a passion for horses and horse-riding. She has been married the total of three times.

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Justin Bieber Still Striving Improve Behavior

Justin Bieber says ‘I’m still striving to improve my behaviour’. The popular Canadian pop singer reveals that there are days that his mood is depressed and upset but says he is trying to improve this for himself. He has also let his fans know in an interview that he is focused on improving is behaviour as the last years he has been in some kind of trouble. Following his break from his music career, he has vowed to become a better person, not a person known for his wild antics and run-ins with police. He also says his working on changing his attitude, however, there was an incident where he got upset when his legs were being grabbed showing his behaviour again.

In an interview with Britain’s Telegraph magazine, which has been published just days after the incident, Justin confesses he has not completely let go of his bad boy self, but he is trying to improve.

“There’s so much I need to work on. And I’m still getting days where I’m depressed and upset,” he says. “But I know that I’m not where I used to be. So that really keeps me motivated. I’m not where I wanna be – but at least I’m not where I used to be… that’s a cool little slogan I’ve been living by.”

Speaking on his past behaviour, he adds,

“I got so involved in ‘me me me’ – because you’re young and people are telling you you’re great all the time. And you start believing it… I started believing the hype and acting a certain way… I could feel people’s energy, and I also really didn’t care. I could (not) give two s**ts if someone liked me or not. And that’s where things went bad.

“For a minute I was just too in my head, and I just wanted to quit everything… But I knew that was the easy way out. I know I’m meant for this. I know that God has a greater purpose for me to be in this position. It’s just up to me to take that calling and respect it. It takes integrity to last in this business. It takes being a good person.”

Justin apologised for the concert walkout on, telling fans he had “a rough week” with “long days” and “no sleep”

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Patrick Dempsey Consoled Following Tragic Death Of Former Co Star

resizedimagePatrick Dempsey is consoled by friends as he is heartbroken after her heard about his former co-star of Can’t Buy Me Love Amanda Peterson‘s  sad death. The forty-nine-year-old seemed to be feeling sad upon hearing the sad news, they stared in the nineteen eighties popular hit movie. The star, who is best known for his role as neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy was,

Standing with shoulders slumped and his hands shoved in his jeans pockets, the actor wore his black jacket zipped up and his white baseball cap pulled down to mask his sorrowful gaze.

A friend even offered him a handshake in consolation, and he reciprocated with a firm embrace.

The on-screen couple’s 1987 romantic comedy was arguably his big break, and undeniably Peterson’s most famous role.

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‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ Amanda Peterson, Only forty three Suddenly Dies

resizedimageAmanda Peterson has died. Best known for her role in Can’t buy Me Love as Cindy Mancini alongside Patrick Dempsey was found at her Greely, Colorado home on Sunday dead. Apparently the police found her around six p.m. when they responded to a well-being call. She was just a teen when she gained fame with her famous role, in 1994 she decided to leave Hollywood and move back to Greely where she had exchanged vows with her second husband, they had two children together.

According to her father, the forty-three-year-old had suffered some medical issues including pneumonia, sinusitis and sleep apnea.

She played cheerleader Cindy Mancini, whom Dempsey‘s character paid to pose as his girlfriend.

Police are investigating her death and an autopsy is being completed

Sgt. Mike Moran with the Greeley, Colorado, police department says Peterson was found dead at an apartment complex Sunday. She was alone, and an investigation into her death is ongoing. No other information was released.

Also, Peterson was just nine years old when she starred in the adaptation of the play “Annie,” and the film “Windrunner,”

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