Nick Menza Dies After Collapsing

Nick Menza has suddenly died. The drummer, who was best known for his past work with the American thrash metal Megadeth was on stage with his band, OHM, in Los Angeles and during his performance he just collapsed and sadly he succumbed to heart failure on May 21, 2016. He was just fifty-one years old and on the club’s Facebook page on Sunday early posted was,

“RIP Nick Menza” Dave Mustaine, co-founder of Megadeth, said on Twitter that he awoke at 4am to the news. “Tell me this isn’t true,” he wrote.

Marty Friendman, the former Megadeth guitarist, wrote on Facebook: “We all know the great and unique drummer that Nick Menza was, but he was also a trustworthy friend, a hilarious bandmate, as well as a very loving dad. I’m beyond sad, did not see this coming at all. RIP Brother.”

Also, there were shocked fans, who post Facebook tributes on Menza’s Facebook page.

Mike Simpson, a fan who said he was at the gig, reported that Menza collapsed before the third song in the band’s set. “I was watching his band OHM at the Baked Potato tonight and he collapsed on stage. Paramedics were saying it looked like a heart attack,” he wrote.

One fan, Andrew White, wrote: “A huge part of my teenage years has passed away with this news.”

Allen Hall posted: “We lost an amazing talent and fantastic person yesterday. Nick Menza was the nicest and most sincere guy you should ever hope to meet. He would take the shirt off his back to help you if you needed it. He had a passion for artwork, not just metal music. His tastes were far wider than that genre, which always irked his manager.”

He was the son of a jazz musician Don Menza, and at the age of two, he started to play the drums.

Such sad news for his family, fans and bandmates.

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Prince, Remembering The Star And His Hit Songs

On April 21, 2016, it was a horribly sad day for fans and family of the talented Minneapolis, Minnesota-born vocalist Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) who died at the age of fifty-seven. On that tragic day, he left so many questions unanswered surrounding his death and heartbreak knowing that a star as big as he was at such a young age was dead. He was found unresponsive in an elevator and that CPR attempts failed.

It was at such a young age, eighteen when he got his first record deal, leading him towards many big hits, including ”Purple Rain,” ”Kiss” and ”When Doves Cry. Prince was a genius, multi-talented, he will surely be missed by so many., his death was a shock to so many as his longtime lawyer said that the superstar lived a clean and healthy lifestyle. Here are top ten hit songs of Prince, my favorite is When Doves Cry.

10. “She’s Always in My Hair

9. “Controversy”

8. “When Doves Cry”

7 “Raspberry Beret”

6. “Sometimes it Snows in April”

5. “Kiss”

4. “Erotic City”

3. “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man”

2. “When You Were Mine”

1. “Purple Rain”

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Prince, Found Dead, Following Battling FLu Like Symptoms

Prince has died, the singer was fifty-seven years old at the time of his death on April 21, 2015. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, real name Prince Rogers Nelson was found unresponsive at his home in Paisley Park, the tragic news had been confirmed to the Associated Press, by his publicist, TMZ was the first to report his death, this is an extremely sad news on this day for his fans, family, and the public to hear.

It was on April 15, 2016, when aboard his private plane , it had been forced to make a landing in Illinois seeking medical treatment for flu-like symptoms.

The Purple Rain vocalist will be missed by many, as tributes will pour in.

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Brian Johnson ‘Crushed’ Over Hearing Diagnosis Risk

Brian Johnson was broken up over his hearing diagnosis troubles. The former longtime AC/DC star, who departed the rock band in April 2016 has issued his statement as he explained unfortunately because of his battle with hearing loss, he wanted to give clarification surrounding the circumstances behind his reasons why he could not continue on with the Band’s current world Rock or Bust World tour in March 2016, realizing the risk that he could become completely death. Taking on his place will be Guns ‘N Roses front man Axl Rose for the ten Europe shows and some future dates.

The sixty-eight-year-old,

“reveals the doctors’ verdict was “the darkest day of my life” in a new statement, in which he admits he had been aware his partial hearing loss was beginning to compromise the quality of his onstage performance because he couldn’t hear the guitars or other musicians.

“In all honesty this was something I could not in good conscience allow,” he writes in the statement to “Our fans deserve my performance to be at the highest level, and if for any reason I can’t deliver that level of performance I will not disappoint our fans or embarrass the other members of AC/DC…

“I am not a quitter and I like to finish what I start, nevertheless, the doctors made it clear to me and my bandmates that I had no choice but to stop… I tried as best as I could to continue despite the pain and hearing loss but it all became too much to bear and too much to risk.”

Doctors have made it clear to Brian that he will not be able to perform at arena or stadium venues or risk ruining his hearing for good, but he is “optimistic” that with medical treatment his hearing will improve and he can go back out on tour.

“I am personally crushed by this development more than anyone could ever imagine,” he explains. “The emotional experience I feel now is worse than anything I have ever in my life felt before… I cannot imagine going forward without being part of (AC/DC), but for now I have no choice. The one thing for certain is that I will always be with AC/DC at every show in spirit, if not in person.”

As he sent out his thanks to his band mates Angus Young and Cliff Williams, and fans, he lets them know this not a retirement, he is still working in the studio.

Other health issues Johnson endured, was in 2009 he was diagnosed with Barrett syndrome, and luckily doctors were able to successfully prevent the disease from developing into cancer.

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Mick Jagger Regretting Losing Touch With David Bowie

Mick Jagger has some regrets, as the months are passing by since the death of his friend David Bowie, who sadly left his family, fans and dear friends on January 10, 2016, Bowie now feels upset that he did not get in touch with him before he died of liver cancer in which he battled for eighteen months. The English artist, lead vocalist and a co-founder of The Rolling Stones and Bowie were close during the seventies and eighties and now he has spoken out about his regrets,

“I was listening to his album before he died and ahead of it coming out,

” he told The Mirror.“I thought I must get in touch with him as I hadn’t seen him in a long time. But he died almost immediately after that. I was very upset.”

You may remember Bowie and Jagger together when they collaborated on 1985’s Dancing In The Street, he added:

”What he was going through must have been really wrenching. But working and doing such good work until the very end is really laudable.”

It was a short time after when Bowie spoke to Rolling Stone magazine following Bowie’s death.

“There was always an exchange of information within our friendship. And I suppose there was always an element of competition between us, but it never felt overwhelming,” he said.

More on Bowie, he had two children, Alexandria Zahra Jones and Duncan Jones.

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Rick Wakeman Regretting ditching David Bowie For Another Group

Rick Wakeman feels regret that he ditch the late David Bowie for the group Yes. The sixty-six-year-old English keyboardist/songwriter now faces some regrets following the recent death of Bowie for not joining Spiders from Mars. There were a number of early tracks which include ‘Life On Mars’, ‘Changes’ and ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’ in which he was a session player on, however in 1971 he turned down the chance to be part of his backing band, heading over to the English rock band Yes because he felt he would be able to express his own musical style better with the prog group. But now as he takes a look back at the decision he made,

he always wonders how his career would have turned out if he had continued working with Bowie.

Asked if he had any regrets about not joining the Spiders from Mars, he said: “I probably did in some respects, I was asked to join Yes and Spiders from Mars with Mick Ronson and David on the same day and I talked to David and the problem was that if I joined Spiders from Mars, yes I would be playing all of David’s music which I loved dearly and working with David, who was the best person I ever worked with, but if you’re part of a band you get a chance to actually contribute a lot more of your own style and what you want to do.

“And I spoke with David about it and he said, ‘Absolutely that’s the right decision’… but I often wonder what might have been.”

Also, he spoke about Bowie, who died from Cancer on Sunday, saying

he was a “musical genius” who not only “changed” his life, but the landscape of music, fashion and art.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain, he said of Bowie:

“Yes I would [call him a genius], but it is a word that’s bandied around a lot and it is misused a lot.

“David was unbelievable, he had great musicality. You can quite honestly say he changed fashion, he changed art, he changed musical styles and he certainly changed my life.”

as I’m sure you can imagine I’m gutted hearing of David’s passing. He was the biggest influence & encouragement I could ever have wished for

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