‘BBC’s Amanda Redman’s Dream Of A Baby Ends After Nine Miscarriages & Menopause!

BBC’s New Tricks star ‘Amanda Redman and  her dream of having a baby now that she is in her fifties has ended because of menopause. She speaks out about her agony following nine miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies many woman give up but not her.

She has so much determination to add to her family that she would not let anything stop her until natured interfered. She has revealed that she has no choice than to give up on her dream. Redman, who turned fifty five this month, said:

‘I would have had a baby at 52, 53, 54 if I could have. Most definitely.

‘But the fact that it is now not possible has helped me accept it. I tried until the very end.’

The star, whose husband Damian Schnabel and is fifteen years her junior, has a twenty five year-old daughter called Emily from her previous marriage to actor Robert Glenister, but admitted she hoped for another addition to the family until  recently.

She added:

‘It was only this year when my menopause started that I had to accept my window of opportunity had passed, but I feel more settled now that I’ve accepted it. There’s nothing more I can do.

Redman is on the cover of this month’s Woman magazine,

‘It’s too late now. Any chance has gone. Damian said a few years ago “I don’t want you to keep trying”, but I did. I just never gave up hope.’ Redman is too celebrate her second wedding.Stay up-to-date with us! Follow us on TWITTER, subscribe to our RSS FEED or E-MAIL us! We love hearing from you…..

Singer ‘Chris August’ On The Mend From Serious Skateboarding Accident!

Singer ‘Chris August’ is bouncing back following a shate board injury. The Contempory Christian singer i said to be on the mend as we was in quiet a serious accident earlier this year May 2012.

August who did have a part in pop star’s Ashlee Simpson‘s band, had to be hospitalized suffering from brain swelling and internal bleeding after crashing his skateboard in Nashville.

Apparnetly the thirty year old is still struggling to make a full recovery. He has thanked friends and family for their support. He tells local publication The Tennessean,

 ”It was real serious, but fortunately I’m OK.This was one of those things where you learn a lot. I’ve always tried to look at the positives of everything. People from some of Christian music’s biggest artists to radio people were hitting me up asking me if I needed anything.

“They just reached out to me, and it showed me Christian music is more than an industry, it’s a community. I wouldn’t change anything that happened, but I don’t want to do that again. It hurt a lot.”

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‘Def Leppard’ Lead Vocalist Joe Elliott Fighting Some Health problems!

 Def Leppard lead vocalist Joe Elliott is battling ill health. He has sent is apologies to all his fans for cutting a show in New this week starting August 20, 2012. Apparently he is battling ill health while on tour with his band in the U.S. During a concert in Saratoga Springs the rocker left the stage on Monday.

In a post on their official web site, he writes,

“I caught a hacking cough which just ripped the hell out of my voice. Despite all the usual stuff singers do such as lemon tea, steam, etc. it just wasn’t going to heal overnight, but with sufficient rest and plenty of warming up I thought I might manage to do the following show in Saratoga Springs.

“I was tough and I was ploughing through it as best I could, but by the time we got to Photograph, there was barely anything left in the tank and it was starting to hurt, so… I had to make a decision… do the encore and risk doing so much damage that we might have to cancel a bunch of shows, or blow out one song and sort out a doctor to have a look at me, which we did the following morning.”

Elliot also saw a doctor and went back to the stage in Maine on Wednesday August 22, 2012 and does hope to go on with the tour.

He adds,

 ”After a couple of cortisone shots, I seem to be mending quite nicely!! The cough has gone, and the gig in Bangor, Maine on Wednesday night, albeit challenging, was a big improvement… I’ve had a couple of tough gigs, it’s happened before and no doubt it’ll happen again, but for now, I’m OK, the tour will roll on, we will all give our all, as we do every night, and we move on.”

Photo Credit, mtv.in.com/thebuzz!

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‘Rosie O’donnell’ 50 Suffers Heart Attack!

Comedienne, Rosie O’Donnell is very luck that she is alive today after she had suffered a heart attack the week of August 17, 2012.The fifty year actress had opened up about her health scare Tuesday August ‘4, 2012 on her Rosie.com blog.

She din’t think it was cardiac arrest so she just took some aspirin for relieve of the pain. Writing in verse form, she states,

“i became nauseous/my skin was clammy/i was very very hot/i threw up. Maybe this is a heart attack/i googled womens (sic) heart attack symptoms/i had many of them/but really? – i thought – naaaa”.

O’Donnell did not call an ambulance and instead waited to see her cardiologist the following day (15Aug12). She was sent to the hospital to have a stent put in and the star admits,

“i am lucky to be here”.

Her representative Cindi Berger claims O’Donnell is now recovering from the incident in Los Angeles, telling People.com, “

She is now home and resting comfortably. She is very, very lucky.”

It has been a bad month for her as she tells her Michelle Rounds had been diagnosed with rare cancer-like desmoid tumours and had undergone surgery in June, 2012.

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‘Composer Marvin’ Hamlisch Death Certificate Results!

Composer Marvin Hamlisch reportedly died of lung cancer. The legend has also suffered from brain damage leading up to the weeks before his death but ultimately succumbed to lung failure, this according to his death certificate.

TMZ has obtained the document, filed in Los Angles, which shows Hamlisch died on August 6th primarily from respiratory arrest (lung failure) … caused by a combination of anoxic brain encephalopathy (failure of oxygen to reach the brain) and hypertension (high blood pressure).

The document alos show that Hamlisch suffered from A.B.E, although it’s unclear if he knew of his condition or exhibiting symptoms. Hamlisch also won two Academy Awards for composing the music for,

 ”The Way We Were” and one Oscar for “The Sting.” He also worked on music for “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “A Chorus Line.”

Photo Credit, www.washingtoncitypaper.com!

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‘Prince Phillip’ Hospitalized For Third Time In Eight Months!

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, ninety one years old husband of the Queen has been taken to a Scotland hospital on Wednesday once again for a bladder infection.

This will be the thir time he is put in the hospital in less than on year. He started to feel ill while staying at the Balmoral, their Scottish royal residence. It is said that the problem is not too serious.

The Duke of Edinburgh has had a recurrence of the bladder infection that he had earlier in the summer and has been admitted to hospital for investigation and treatment,” a Palace spokesman said.

“The prince is likely to remain there for the next few days.”

It had been two months ago when he first received treatment for a bladder infection. Also last year in December he had an operation to clear a blocked artery in his heart after suffering chest pains, and spent four days in hospital over Christmas.

Photo Credit, www.cnn.com!

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