‘Bear Grylls’ Laurence Fox Hallucinate Elves On Mission Survive

Laurence Fox was hallucinating . The English actor and musician who is best known for his leading role as Detective Sergeant James Hathaway in the drama series Lewis says he had been robbed by elves while filming had been going on for the Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, following feeling ill when he was trekking the Cost Rica jungle. In his words he said that he had hallucinated little people, who were stealing from. him.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said:

“I fell asleep and then I was convinced there were these tiny little people trying to steal things from our rucksacks.

“I was shivering really badly and then I started panicking.”

The star needed to get medical help by a medic as his condition appeared to worsen.

Scott Heffield – the show’s survival expert – found Laurence and said:

“I went down to the camp and met Laurence half way. He was delirious, hallucinating, shaking, basically talking a load of waffle.

“He’s had some stress and anxiety – that’s a cocktail for a state of delirium.”

Medical staff determined at the time that Laurence was in a hypoglycaemic state, meaning his blood sugar levels were dangerously low, and his cousin Emilia Fox – also a contestant – had to monitor his condition all night.

She said:

“I don’t think I have ever been so worried in my entire life.

“It’s horrendous watching your family member go through something like that.”

Watch ‘Bear Grylls: Mission Survive’ tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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Lil Boosie Misses Concert After Feeling Weak And Frail

Lil Boosie canceled a Charlotte, North Carolina gig. The rapper real name (Torrence Hatch), stage name (Boosie Badazz and formerly Lil Boosie) had to be hospitalized on February 27, 2015 for dehydration and he did tells Tmz.com he got medical attention after feeling weak and frail, The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native had explained

that he started feeling frail and weak while on his way to a show in Charlotte — and it got bad enough that he decided to go to a hospital to get checked out. He says doctors told him he was extremely dehydrated … and hooked him up with intravenous fluids.

Following after on Saturday he had been released by doctors and he as rushing to a Georgia concert he has scheduled,

Boosie tells us he’s feeling better and ready to continue touring … with lots of water.

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Brian Blessed To Have Heart Surgery Following Collapse

Brian Blessed, seventy eight year old English actor, very well known for his sonorous voice and “hearty, king-sized portrayals” says he wants to live to one hundred and ten. The star has been on many adventures during his life and he believes this is what caused his on stage collapse, he has climbed Everest, scaled mountains and volcanoes and trained as an astronaut and now he wants to tackle more adventures, next week he will have heart surgery.

… I’ve put my heart under severe strain”

It was during the time he was playing King Lear last month. He has revealed that he is getting treatment abroad ad it is a procedure would involve a “new invention from Germany”.

The actor added:

“They’ve promised it will make me feel like a 25-year-old for the next 30 years.

“I had severe fibrillation, but the reason is this old bugger has climbed Everest three times, walked across the North Pole, scaled mountains and ­volcanoes and trained as an astronaut.

“I’ve taken terrible risks, and I’ve put my heart under severe strain.

“But do you know what… my heart has been voted by Prince Phillip’s surgeons as the strongest they’ve seen in a man of my age.”

Fibrillation causes an irregular heartbeat, but Brian hopes the surgery will help him go on more adventures.

He joked:

“I love life – there’s no such thing as death. I want to live until I’m 110.

“At the moment I’m a bit of out of breath, but once I’ve had the work done and have had a short break, I’ll be planning my next trip to Everest and a mission to Mars.”

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‘Newgrass Singer’ John Cowan Recovering From Health Scare

John Cowan is recovering after heart attack. Known as a soul music and progressive bluegrass vocalist and bass guitar player, the sixty one year old is now at his home in Nashville getting some rest form a mild heart attack. What happened to the star, as he returned back to his home following a solo tour he was feeling unwell, and what followed a hospital stay because of one blocked arteries. After Cowan was given an angioplasty and placement of two stents, he was released.

On Jan. 31, just four days after his heart attack, Cowan played a sold-out show at City Winery. However, at his next concert, in Frankfort, Ky., Cowan left the stage early because he was unable to catch his breath. A subsequent show in Chattanooga was also canceled so that Cowan could concentrate on his recovery; both concerts will be rescheduled.

According to manager Brian Smith, Cowan is feeling much better and plans to join his bandmates in The Doobie Brothers for a private performance in Texas later this week.

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Dionne Warwick’s Shower Fall Incident Reportedly Revealed

Dionne Warwick was hospitalized. This incident reportedly happened to the singer one week before the January 31, 2015 bathtub incident happened to her cousin Bobbi Kristina Brown, being found unresponsive face down, hospitalizing her. What happened it was about two weeks ago at her home in South Orange when she slipped and fell in her shower, ending up in the hospital. The seventy four year old, incident occurred on January 24, 2015 and on Thursday she had been released from the New Jersey hospital, this is according to a new report from TMZ.

Warwick took to her Twitter account to thank fans for their continued support during the difficult time.

‘On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for all of your kind words. All in God’s plan. – Dionne,’ she wrote.

Back on February 11, 2012 Whitney Houston, the mother of Bobbie Kristina Brown, drowned in a hotel bathtub, at the time of her death she was forty eight years old.

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‘Soft Machine’ Daevid Allen Gives Moving Statement About Months To Live

Daevid Allen has been given six months to live. He is an Australian poet, guitarist, singer, composer and performance artist is co-founder of psychedelic rock groups Soft Machine and Gong. Sadly the seventy seen year old has been told that his cancer has spread now to his lung, he says that he will stop getting treatments, letting it take it’s course. During a statement, this is what he said,

OK so I have had my PET-CAT scans (which is essentially a full body viewing gallery for cancer specialists, ) and so it is now confirmed that the invading cancer has returned to successfully establish dominant residency in my neck.

The original surgery took much of it out, but the cancer has now recreated itself with renewed vigour while also spreading to my lung.

The cancer is now so well established that I have now been given approximately six months to live.

So My view has Changed:

I am not interested in endless surgical operations and in fact it has come as a relief to know that the end is in sight.

I am a great believer in “The Will of the Way Things Are” and I also believe that the time has come to stop resisting and denying and to surrender to the way it is.

I can only hope that during this journey, I have somehow contributed to the happiness in the lives of a few other fellow humans.

I believe I have done my best to heal, dear friends and that you have been enormously helpful in supporting me through this time.

So Thank you SO much for being there with me, for the Ocean of Love and Now, importantly, Thank you for starting the process of letting go of me, of mourning then transforming and celebrating this death coming up – this is how you can contribute, this would be a great gift from those emotionally and spiritually involved with me.

I love you and will be with you always
- Daevid xxx -

The Australia native was born in 1938.

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