Big Brother And The Holding Company, Guitarist Sam Andrew Has Died

resizedimage (1)Sam Andrew has died. He was American musician, singer, songwriter, composer, artist and founding member and guitarist of Big Brother and the Holding Companyat the time of his death was seventy three years old, he suffered a heart attack.

The following message was posted to Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Facebook page this afternoon (Feb. 13).

“Dear Friends, Yesterday, 10 weeks after his heart attack and the open-heart surgery that followed it, Sam lost his gallant fight to hold onto the life he lived so well. He died peacefully in Elise’s arms at 5:15PM. There will be much more to say about him in the days to come and there will come a time when we will gather together to remember him. Now is a time for Elise to regather her strength after the long vigil she has kept and the vital role she played in overseeing Sam’s care. For now we can all remember him in our own ways until we can remember him together. He lived his life in music and art and a loving marriage. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

It was in 1941 when he was born to a military family and when he was residing over in Okinawa, Japan he learned how to play guitar. Later on his family made the move to California becoming a part of the San Francisco folk scene.

Big Brother and the Holding Company scored several films and composing classical music.

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Synthpop Band Visage Singer Steve Strange, 55, Has Died

Steve Strange has died, he was a Welsh pop singer, real name (Steven John Harrington). The influential Electronic Music Pioneer, who was best known as the lead singer and frontman of the 1980s pop group Visage was fifty five years old at the time of passing. He was also a prominent nightclub host and promoter. His record label has confirmed the sad news.

As Wales Online reports, Marc Green, the manager of Harrington’s label, August Day Recordings, has issued a statement regarding Strange’s passing, explaining that the electronic-music pioneer had died of a heart attack while in Egypt.

“We are extremely saddened to announce that Steve Strange died at 11.15 local time on Thursday, February 12, in Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital, Egypt,” Green said in the statement.

“Steve died in his sleep of heart failure. Steve’s family, band members and friends are all distraught at this sudden news of his untimely death. Steve’s family request privacy at this extremely difficult time.”

Harrington rose to prominence while be a member of the group’s hit single Fade To Grey, he was the manager of the fashionable Blitz Club in central London,

from which the “Blitz kids” alternative moniker for New Romantic adherents was derived.

“He will be remembered as a hard-working, very amusing and loveable individual who always was at the forefront of fashion trends,” Harrington’s agent, Pete Bassett, said in a statement to the Press Association.

More on Harrington, he battled long against drugs, a nervous breakdown, an arrest for shoplifting, and public speculation about his sexuality, which he detailed in his 2002 autobiography, Blitzed!.

According to Bassett,

“Up until last year, he was putting together a book of fashion styles based on the New Romantic movement”.

Tributes have been pouring in,

Watch Video!  Steve Strange dead: Visage lead singer dies aged 55!

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‘Crickets’ Bassist Joe B. Mauldin, 74 has died.

Joe B. Mauldin has died. He was an American double-bassist, songwriter and audio engineer, best known as the double-bassist of rock and roll pioneers The Crickets. The Lubbock, Texas was also a bassist for Buddy Holly was seventy four at the time of his death, he was a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

“It feels great being inducted now,” he said in 2012. “I think anytime someone thinks enough of you to induct you into their organization, you should be happy.”

During his time singing career he was known for hit singles such as ‘That’ll Be the Day.’ ‘Oh, Boy!,’ ‘Maybe Baby,’ ‘Peggy Sue’ and ‘Rave On’, that was for the year 1958, Mauldin said to Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,

“It did feel like everything was happening super fast,”

But sadly Holly was killed in 1959 alongside Richie Valens and the Big Bopper (whose real name was J.P. Richardson) in plane crash.

Mauldin, Allison and early Holly collaborator Sonny Curtis were left to continue as the Crickets.

Then at that time The Beatles became huge fans of them,

“It truly meant so much to me to have Paul McCartney tell me face to face, ‘If there had not been the Crickets, there never would have been the Beatles,’” Mauldin remembered.

Also in 1965, he left to be an audio engineer. Mauldin leaves behind to grieve his wife Jane, to whom he was married to for fifty one years, and his daughters Jane Mauldin and Melody Stephenson.

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Robin Williams’ Widow Files Lawsuit Claims Belongings Taken From Home

Robin Williams widow is suing over missing items. The former Mork & Mindy star passed away, August, 2014 and Susan Schneider is entangled in a situation with his three children because of some personal property that was left in the late comedian’s will. She has gone as far as filing a lawsuit against them. This is what TMZ reported.

The site reports that Schneider has filed legal documents complaining someone entered the house she shared with Williams days after his death – following his tragic suicide in August last year – and removed belongings that she felt entitled to.

The New York Times have reported that the court documents were filed in December and January in a bitter legal dispute over his estate.

However, TMZ report that his children Zak, 31, Zelda, 25, and Cody Williams, 22, tell a different story and have accused Schneider of attempting to ‘money grab’ and ignore the ‘plain language of his will and trust’.

Sources tell the site that his children believe Schneider is trying to ‘redefine’ aspects of the will to suit her, despite Williams being clear in his will that he left behind most of his property to his children.

Some of the items left to the three children include his 1998 Oscar for the movie Good Will Hunting as well as other memorabilia from his films.

As of yet the children of Robin Williams have not yet commented.

Sadly Williams had been found dead, by suicide at his home he shared with sixty three year old Schneider.

Sources tell TMZ that his children acknowledge Schneider has the right to keep items that she accumulated with Williams during their marriage, but believe she is trying to alter some of the terms listed in the will.

According to the site, they claim she is trying to ‘redefine the word jewelry’ to keep a watch that belonged to Williams.

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‘ Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple’ Geraldine McEwan, 82, Has Died (Video)

Geraldine McEwan has died. She was an English actress with a diverse career in theatre, film and television, at the time of her death she was eighty two. She was seen in the play The Chairs, the television serial Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and she appeared as Miss Marple, the Agatha Christie sleuth, for the series Marple. Her family says she died at the London’s Charing Cross hospital. Other roles she had were in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring as the witch Mortiana.

Her son Greg, an actor and screenwriter, and daughter Claudia said in a statement:

“Following a stroke at the end of October and a period in hospital, Geraldine McEwan passed away peacefully on 30 January. Her family would like to thank the staff at Charing Cross hospital who cared for her incredibly well.”

At the age of fourteen she started working as an assistant stage manager at the Theatre Royal, Windsor.And in 2008, she announced she was retiring from the role of Miss Marple.

She said at the time:

“Of course, it is terribly disappointing to have to pass the baton on, but it has been a marvellous experience to inhabit this role for the last few years, and I am sure that my successor, whomever she may be, will thoroughly enjoy her time with the production team – and with the extraordinarily talented group of writers and actors that they come up with for each series“.

McEwan and Hugh Cruttwell were married for forty nine years until he died in 2002.

Watch Video! Geraldine McEwan 1932-2015

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Casey Kasem’s Children Demanding Arrest Of His Legendary Dj Widow

Casey Kasem‘s children are demanding arrest of his widow. Kasem was a legendary disc jockey, music historian and radio celebrity, best known for the host of Casey’s Top 40, and they want to see her charged with elder abuse. Kasem’s daughter was standing on a Los Angeles downtown courthouse steps demanding that her stepmother be prosecuted for this reason.

Kerri Kasem told gathered reporters that she and her siblings have evidence to show Jean Kasem‘s mistreatment of their elderly father caused his death last June. Cops launched an investigation shortly after his death, but according to his children, the case has since stalled.

She was backed by a dozen supporters holding signs that read,

“Justice For Casey! Stop Elder Abuse!”

The star was eighty two year sold at the time of his death last June, he died at Gig Harbor, Washington, hospital,

It is reported that it began when his wife checked him out of a Santa Monica, California, nursing home and allegedly took him on “a wild ride” last May. Kerri won control of her father’s medical care in a court battle in the last days before his death.

Santa Monica police did acknowledge last year that they were looking into the circumstances of Kasem’s care. Investigators, however, were never able to examine his remains since his wife shipped his body out of the United States to Norway, with a stop in Canada.

A private investigator for his children claimed in December that police had handed over their findings to the Los Angeles district attorney. But the DA now insists they do not have the case, and a olive spokesperson said the investigation is still ongoing.

Jean Kasem is denying all such charges of wrongdoing.

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