Craig Strickland & Close Friend Heartbreaking Tragic Loss


Craig Strickland  such a sad story, two young men, hunting buddies just embarking on a duck hunting trip, not knowing that this was going to be the last trip that they would ever make, On December 28th, one of the two men, twenty-two-year-old Chase Morland’s body had been found, with his beloved nine-year-old dog called Sam not leaving his side. The other young man, twenty-nine-year-old Country singer Craig Strickland was found dead on Monday, January 4th. Words from his wife Helen Strickland, he can now be at rest with his father in heaven. The sad details surrounding his death was because of hypothermia after the two men braved a brutal winter storm called Goliath. During this unbelievable ordeal, the family stayed hopeful and requested prayers and support.

“It’s more painful for us to think that he could be underwater,” Helen expressed during a Friday interview. “Still, we want that closure in seeing him.”

His now widow, grieving with such pain expressed on Instagram,

“I am so thankful for technology in this moment because I will always have this. I watched this privately prior to walking down the aisle, and so now I want to share this small excerpt with all of you.”

In the clip, Craig pours his heart out to the former Miss Arkansas USA. “There would be times when we’re sitting in our car and stuff, and you don’t notice,” Craig says in the video. “But I’ll look over and be like, ‘This is the person that God has created for me’ and that’s really special to me. And I couldn’t be more lucky.”

His wife thanked their friend for helping her husband produce and edit the special message.

“I will cherish it for ever,” Helen wrote, adding a passage from the Bible that was helping her in her time of grieving. “‘Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalms 116:15,’” she shared. “Thank you Lord for sharing #craigstrickland with me. You allowed me to borrow him on this earth, but he was always Yours. I will forever cherish our year of marriage. This was truly the type of man you were and will always be remembered as. I love you Craig Michael.”

Just a sad loss, for his friends, family and loved ones.

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Soap Star, Nathaniel Marston, Dies In Mom’s’ Arms!

Sad news about Nathaniel Marston, as his fans, friends, family and people who heard about his tragic story awake today following a day after hearing that he passed away, it is heartbreaking. He was an actor, and as I have heard he was on the Soaps, As the World Turns and One Life to Live. A little about him, he was from Torrington, Connecticut just forty years old and he moved around a lot with his mother Elizabeth, thoughts are with her day on such a hard day, her emotions must be all over the place. When he was working at a bakery he had been discovered, he appeared in commercials and he had co starred along with actress Angelina Jolie in the film Love Is All There, his roles on the Soaps were Eddie Silva, Al Holden, and Dr. Michael McBain.

He was married to Rita Bias, sadly on October 30, 2015, a car crash left in critical condition fighting for his life, what happened he may have fallen asleep just before his pickup truck flipped several times. It was his mother, who reported,

he was on life support and doctors had advised that, if he survived, he would likely be paralyzed from the neck down.

Marston‘s family said he passed away peacefully in the arms of his mother Elizabeth Jackson on Wednesday.

But today as hearts are broken, dealing with his death on remembrance day, November 11. 2015 although his mother was optimistic he died from complications from the surgery.

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Skyliners,Doo-Wop Group, Wally Lester, 73, Has Died

Wally Lester has died. He as an original member of the American doo-wop group The Skyliners, he was seventy-three when he passed away of
pancreatic cancer on April 21, 2015. They are known their biggest hit “Since I Don’t Have You,”. It was in Pittsburgh where the group had been formed and Lester was just fourteen at the time he joined an early version of the Skyliners and just seventeen when he recorded the classic “Since I Don’t Have You.”

Lester, was a tenor with the group, also became a sales manager for Clairol and then a company vice president.

“It was hard to stay enthusiastic about the [music] business,” he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2009.

“I was on the road for four years and really didn’t like it. Riding the bus and all that. … Plus, I had to get my high school degree. As Chuck Noll would say, it was time to get on with my life’s work. I didn’t want to be a background singer in an oldies group doing oldies shows.”

Jimmy Beaumont, the leader of the Skyliners, marked Lester’s death by stating on the group’s Facebook page that,

“My good buddy Wally Lester passed away. … We began touring the country in 1959 with Wally keeping us laughing all the way. I will miss you, but I won’t say goodbye. I’ll just say so long my friend.”

They also had the hits This I Swear, Pennies from Heaven, It Happened Today, Close Your Eyes and Comes Love.

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Sharon, Lois & Bram, Lois Lilienstein Dies Of Rare cancer (Skinnamarink Video)

Lois Lilienstein has died. She was one of the star’s of Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant Show, at the time of her death she was seventy eight. It is a sad day for the other members of the group, which includes Bram Morrison and Sharon Hampson, It had been her son, David Lilienstein, who informed CBC News that the beloved children’s entertainer passed away at her Toronto home, she was surrounded by friends and family. It was last October when she had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

More on Lilienstein, she was from Chicago,

joined forces with Canadian performers Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison in the late ’70s. They released their first album, One Elephant, Deux Éléphants, in 1978, and their sing-along folk music proved to be an instant hit with kids and parents alike.

The Sharon, Lois & Bram trio toured Canada and gained international attention. In 1984, The Elephant Show (later known as Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant Show) premiered in Canada, where it ran for five seasons. Nickelodeon picked up the program as well and ran reruns into the mid-nineties. Each episode concluded with Sharon, Lois and Bram singing “Skinnamarink” alongside a large elephant puppet.

According to their website,

“They have been invited to perform in every major Canadian concert hall, and many in the United States including The National Arts Center in Ottawa, Roy Thompson Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, at New York’s Palace Theater and the White House.”

Also something about the group, they are Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF,

supporting causes seeking solutions to childhood hunger and illiteracy. In 2002, Sharon, Lois & Bram were appointed to the Order of Canada. Lois, who was born in the United States, is one of the few Americans to hold this honor.

Watch Video, Sharon Lois And Bram: Skinnamarink

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Pentangle John Renbourn, 70, Has Died (Watch Video)

John Renbourn has died. He was an English guitarist and songwriter, and at the time of his death he was seventy years of age. He was known for working with guitarist Bert Jansch and with the folk group Pentangle,

While most commonly labelled a folk musician, Renbourn’s musical tastes and interests took in early music, classical music, jazz, blues and world music. His most influential album, Sir John Alot (1968), featured his take on tunes from the Medieval era.

As reported he passed away from natural causes and on he Morning of March 26, he was found at his Hawick home in the Scottish Borders by police when he was a no-show for a gig at the Ferry in Glasgow last night (March 27), this is reported The Guardian.

Renbourn was on tour with Wizz Jones. Speaking to Uncut, a member of staff at the Ferry commented:

“He didn’t show. Nobody knew where he was. Wizz Jones was in the dark about what had happened. He did the show on his own. We tried to contact him. Wizz Jones called his agent this morning. He didn’t know what was happening so he called the police local to where he lived. They went round to his house and found that he had died.” It is thought he suffered a heart attack.

Wach Video  JOHN RENBOURN – White House Blues – 1971 – Contemporary Folk music

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Pamela Anderson Banned From Sam Simon’s Funeral Expensive Gift Enrages Family

Pamela Anderson has been reportedly banned from Sam Simon’s funeral because of a eight hundred thousand dollar ring. The former Baywatch babe has been by his family as they will not allow her to attend a private service for him this week. The story is they are not happy that the late TV titan and philanthropist gave her the expensive piece of jewelery just weeks before he passed away,

TMZ says Simon’s loved ones think Anderson never should have accepted his generosity in Simon’s weakened state, and they have apparently decided to exclude her from Tuesday’s service.

It was earlier this week when Simon died following a long battle against cancer. More on Simon he made a fortune because of the Simpson’s, he donated enormous sums of money to charitable causes.

Simon’s primary interest was in helping animals, an issue close to Anderson’s heart. They had been friends for years before his reported $800,000 ring gift to her.

Anderson has not made any comments to this report as of yet.

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