Vacation Time, Montreal ‘Train Ride’

resizedimageIt’s, June 29, the morning of our trip, packing is almost done, just waiting, getting a drive to the go station, train leaves at six P.M. We have great seats, car three, seat fifteen A & B, last time aboard the train, we were in the last car, a little bumpy but still a great train trip. It is almost time to leave, just waiting for the school bell, yea it rang, yes here we go off to the Go Train, then to Union Station.

We have arrived, one hour and a half early, but at least we won’t miss the train. All aboard, time is getting closer to our train leaving, so exciting heading to our destination Montreal. The train was great, not bumpy at all, except we were supposed to arrive at 10.55 but arrived at 11.24, my sister and her son were waiting outside Montreal station a little long for us.

In the car on the way to her house on the South Shore, we talked a bit, arrived at the house, enjoyed a red velvet cupcake, tired heading to bed. Will write more tomorrow.

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