Vacation Time, Montreal ‘All Aboard’ Family, Food And Fun

resizedimageIt’s Summer vacation, school is out and we’re Montreal bound, by Via Rail. What a great way to travel, we are no strangers to sitting in out seats looking out the window, stopping at stations getting closer to out destination. We are going to be busy this up and coming summer as our train leaves tomorrow, June 29th at six P.M.

It has been a long year, but now it is time for us to pack and get ready to enjoy time with family, swimming nearly every day depending on the weather and just doing whatever we want. We will also be celebrating a few birthdays and an anniversary, and seeing my niece’s new house, can’t wait. During our visit, we will also hit some our favorites like La Belle Province, hot dogs, fries and smoke meat, yummy, General Tao, with General Tao chicken, fried rice, peanut butter dumplings and more great food, and our favorite ice cream store.

Also during our travels, we also intend to visit the Saint-Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal and talk is in the air about the amusement park La Ronde. Let the Summer begin, catch me back here tomorrow when our journey begins.

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