Rick Wakeman Regretting ditching David Bowie For Another Group

Rick Wakeman feels regret that he ditch the late David Bowie for the group Yes. The sixty-six-year-old English keyboardist/songwriter now faces some regrets following the recent death of Bowie for not joining Spiders from Mars. There were a number of early tracks which include ‘Life On Mars’, ‘Changes’ and ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’ in which he was a session player on, however in 1971 he turned down the chance to be part of his backing band, heading over to the English rock band Yes because he felt he would be able to express his own musical style better with the prog group. But now as he takes a look back at the decision he made,

he always wonders how his career would have turned out if he had continued working with Bowie.

Asked if he had any regrets about not joining the Spiders from Mars, he said: “I probably did in some respects, I was asked to join Yes and Spiders from Mars with Mick Ronson and David on the same day and I talked to David and the problem was that if I joined Spiders from Mars, yes I would be playing all of David’s music which I loved dearly and working with David, who was the best person I ever worked with, but if you’re part of a band you get a chance to actually contribute a lot more of your own style and what you want to do.

“And I spoke with David about it and he said, ‘Absolutely that’s the right decision’… but I often wonder what might have been.”

Also, he spoke about Bowie, who died from Cancer on Sunday, saying

he was a “musical genius” who not only “changed” his life, but the landscape of music, fashion and art.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain, he said of Bowie:

“Yes I would [call him a genius], but it is a word that’s bandied around a lot and it is misused a lot.

“David was unbelievable, he had great musicality. You can quite honestly say he changed fashion, he changed art, he changed musical styles and he certainly changed my life.”

as I’m sure you can imagine I’m gutted hearing of David’s passing. He was the biggest influence & encouragement I could ever have wished for

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