Richard Simmons Fitness Expert Transitioning Into A Woman, Rep Denies Reports!

resizedimage (1)Is Richard Simmons transitioning into a woman well this is what the tabloid national Enquirer is suggesting, this appears on the cover ‘he’s now a woman call me Fiona’ and maybe this is the real reason he has been out of sight for 924 days. However according to his own publicist Tom Estey , he hits back at this report saying these a false reports, the report is claiming he has been taking hormones

As in new pictures show reclusive fitness star leaving the hospital with a beard after cross-dressing on a night out.

Also, the fitness guru from Sweating to the Oldies has gone through breast implants and has had hormone therapy, really is this real or not and is it believable or just a lie.

A report claims he has been going through the surgeries for two years

Friends say he is not just in drag but is now a ‘soft-spoken woman’

When asked about the story,

Simmons’ publicist Tom Estey told Daily Mail Online: ‘This is cr** but thanks!’

It was just recently when the sixty-seven-year-old had come out of seclusion for three years, as he was taken to the hospital because he was suffering from severe dehydration

Representatives for Simmons have denied such claims, saying they are bogus and he is not living as a woman. Also, another suggested report he was seen with a beard underneath a white cap as he left the Cedars Sinai in which he was treated and sent home.

Simmons has not yet commented on these claims by the tabloid.

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