Prince’s Life, Tragic Loss And Sudden Death!


Prince, looking back at his amazing life and death. He was a multi-talented vocalist, who was born on June 7, 1958, and he left behind many fans and family members sad and heartbroken on April 21, 2016, when he died. The sad chain of events started on April 7, 2016, when he was first feeling ill, and a statement had been issued that it was influenza, he received medical treatment as he was unresponsive, and according to a representatives, he had been suffering from ”bad dehydration” and had been battling influenza for several weeks.

Just the next day, he had been spotted shopping, saying he was feeling just fine. But then on that day, April 21, 2016, a 911 call came in for an ambulance as the much love star had been found unconscious in an elevator, then it was just moments later when the fifty-seven year old was dead.

So much speculation now surrounds his tragic death, his personal longtime chef mentioned he was fighting off bouts of sore throats and frequent upset stomachs, he allegedly died of an overdose, possibly painkillers, also he had one biggest fear ’Dying Alone.

Aslo on Valentine’s Day, he had married at the age of thirty seven and had a son Boy Gregory  born with Pfeiffer syndrome, who only lived for one week, and his wife at that time suffered a miscarriage soon after. Remembering him for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, extravagant dress and makeup, and wide vocal range. Prinze was an icon and for whatever the reason is that he died, he will be very missed.

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