Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) Farewell To A Magnificent Boxer!

resizedimageMuhammad Ali, it’s been two days now since the world lost one of the greatest professional boxers, real name Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. who took the world by storm shaping his career and becoming known as one of the greatest, most significant sporting figures in history. The Kentucky native was just at the young age of twelve when he first started training, then at the age of twenty-two he was the winner of the world heavyweight championship, it was just one of the fifty-six out of sixty-one professional fights he would call his own, a magnificent boxer, he was. Also according to his doctor, Ali had been struggling some health issues, just before his death, and he was experiencing a tough year, for a long thirty-two years the seventy-four-year old had been suffering Parkinson’s disease and through it all his devoted family,

treasured him and gave him as much quality of life as you could have,”

We hear that the last week was really hard, according to his family, they say he passed away

from “septic shock due to unspecified natural causes”

“It became apparent God wanted him and we all became reconciled to it.”

Ali, RI.P ‘Float Like A Butterfly And Sing Like A Bee’, you will be truly missed and never forgotten,  you are and always will be a legend.

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