Mick Jagger Regretting Losing Touch With David Bowie

Mick Jagger has some regrets, as the months are passing by since the death of his friend David Bowie, who sadly left his family, fans and dear friends on January 10, 2016, Bowie now feels upset that he did not get in touch with him before he died of liver cancer in which he battled for eighteen months. The English artist, lead vocalist and a co-founder of The Rolling Stones and Bowie were close during the seventies and eighties and now he has spoken out about his regrets,

“I was listening to his album before he died and ahead of it coming out,

” he told The Mirror.“I thought I must get in touch with him as I hadn’t seen him in a long time. But he died almost immediately after that. I was very upset.”

You may remember Bowie and Jagger together when they collaborated on 1985’s Dancing In The Street, he added:

”What he was going through must have been really wrenching. But working and doing such good work until the very end is really laudable.”

It was a short time after when Bowie spoke to Rolling Stone magazine following Bowie’s death.

“There was always an exchange of information within our friendship. And I suppose there was always an element of competition between us, but it never felt overwhelming,” he said.

More on Bowie, he had two children, Alexandria Zahra Jones and Duncan Jones.

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