Yao Beina, Chinese Pop Singer, 33, Looses Cancer Battle

resizedimageYao Beina has died. I have actually never heard of the Chinese singer and actress, who was popular for the theme songs of Painted Skin: The Resurrection and Back to 1942 lost her fight against cancer. She was from Wuhan City. Hubei Province and she was just thirty three years old. It was back in May, 2011 when she was given the diagnoses of breast cancer, she endured a mastectomy and cosmetic treatments, but in 2014 her cancer recurred and she,was told her conditioned had worsened in January, 2015.

Then reported one day later. Friday, Afternoon January, 16, 2014, she passed away at in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Because she knew she was going die, she had a wish that her corneas were donated to two recipients in Shenzhen and Chengdu.

According to the Huayi Brothers Music Corp. Yao’s employer, she had her left breast removed in 2011 after being diagnosed with breast cancer and was admitted to Shenzhen Hospital late last month because of cancer recurrence.

Doctors found the cancer cells had spread to her brain and lungs, said a manager with the company, adding that she decided to donate her corneas before her death.

Also in 2013 she was a contetsnat on “the Voice of China”, singing contest and gained wide popularity.

Celebrities, netizens and fans expressed their condolences online. The webpage of search engine Baidu turns black and white if Yao’s name is searched.

“The angel has gone to the heaven to sing,” one internet user wrote.

Her death has brought breast cancer to the fore again, following American actress Angelina Jolie undergoing a mastectomy.

According to an article on Guokr.com, a science website, child birth at a late age, sleep deprivation and irregular medical checks are among the many factors that contribute to breast cancer.

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