Walter Palmer, Resumed His Duties Surrounded By Angry Protesters

bIt5z2kn_400x400Walter Palmer, the big game hunter, and dentist, who ‘s name has become popular because he took the life of a gentle thirteen-year-old lion called Cecil is now back at his dentist practice Tuesday morning in River Bluff, but it wasn’t a pleasant return as he was surrounded by reporters and protesters. There was shouting going on saying,

“murderer” and “leave town” from a half dozen protesters because he has stirred up a global outcry over killing the big cat by animal lovers.

It was back in July when the fifty-five-year-old made the decision to shut down the office, because of a,

 firestorm of protests after he was publicly identified as the hunter who killed the rare black-maned lion.

Also sometime in August the office had been reopened without him and now he feels he should resume his duties.

Palmer reiterated a statement he had given in July that the hunt was legal and no one in the hunting party realized the targeted trophy kill was the well-known 13-year-old lion.

Several messages were taped to the entry door to the building where the practice is located, including “From now on, donate your money to endangered animals instead. Apparently you have plenty” and “Justice for Cecil #extradition.” Veronique Lamb, a 49-year-old tourist from Brussels, was among the protesters waiting for Palmer. She said she was there to protest the dentist returning to work “like nothing happened.” Editor’s Note: Did Hillary Clinton Break the Law? Vote Here Now. “He did something really bad and he really knows it,” Lamb said. “Hopefully this has opened the eyes of people to this horrible business. It’s very sad.” There have been no charges laid against

Palmer. Twitter post! #walterpalmer “I wouldn’t have taken the lion if I had known it was important.”

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