‘The Wire’ Chad L. Coleman Has Subway Outburst

Chad L. Coleman took a meltdown. Best known for portraying Dennis “Cutty” Wise on the crime drama series The Wire did this in the Subway as he heard a bad statement about him, he started screaming at passengers. The Walking Dead was noticed acting berserk in the NYC

His action on Friday, May 1 was recorded by one of the passengers before it was posted online.

The subway was heading towards Brooklyn when Coleman had a meltdown and screamed at passengers. “I wanna know where my humanitarians are. Yes, I’m Chad L. Coleman. I’m on ‘The Wire’ and ‘The Walking Dead’. I’m not trying to f**king play no games with you. Yes, I’m an actor. My name is Chad L. Coleman. I’m on ‘The Wire’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ and I’m not taking it,” he said, repeatedly shouting his famous roles on the two TV series while he was ranting and stomping up and down in the subway car.

According to TMZ,

Coleman couldn’t hide his anger after a guy and a girl in the subway tried to figure out where they knew him from. The guy then told the girl, “No, we don’t know that n*****.” Coleman yelled, “Where is your humanity, where is it brother? So don’t tell me I’m making this up.”

It is confirmed that Coleman was completely sober when having a meltdown in the subway. The actor said that his rants about humanity were responses to what’s happening in Baltimore right now.

A little about Coleman, he was raised in a Richmond, Virginia foster home, he joined in with track and field.Next for him, he will star in the upcoming Syfy space opera series The Expanse.

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