‘ The Professionals’ Brian Clemens, Scriptwriter, 83, Has Died

Brian Clemens has died. He was an English screenwriter and television producer, and he is well known for his work on The Avengers and The Professionals. A little about the star, he was eighty three years old and was related to Mark Twain, he was the son of an engineer

Clemens used to say that there was no great mystery to writing:

“A*** to chair, pen to paper,” he would state matter-of-factly to writers keen to know the secrets of his success.

Such great success for the star from Croydon , his influence was huge on genre TV.

He worked on TV shows such as Danger Man, The Persuaders and The Protectors, created the Baftawinning sitcom, My Wife Next Door and wrote and produced a number of lesser-known films such as Highlander II: The Quickening.

More on Clemens, it was at the age of fourteen when he decided to leave high school, he complete his National Service as a weapons training instructor, he worked in advertising, he was a messenger messenger boy and a copywriter.

When Clemens was once asked what the most memorable day of his career was he replied:

“When I was given the OBE in 2010.

“That was quite something. I felt kind of proud of myself.”

He leaves behind his second wife Janet and two sons.

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