Stephen Sondheim Criticizes Lady Gaga Oscars Performance As A Travesty.

Stephen Sondheim states Lady Gaga’s oscar’s was a travesty. The American composer and lyricist known for his contributing hugely to the musical theatre for more than fifty years says he was at all impressed by the Poker Face vocalist’s Sound of Music medley calling it a “travesty”.

Speaking to The Times ahead of this month’s two West End productions of Sweeney Todd (at the ENO and in a pop up pie shop on Shaftesbury Avenue), the veteran composer gave telling insights into his musical tastes.

Although he said his partner Jeff Romley, 36, would “would crawl a mile” to see Gaga perform, Sondheim said he “does not share his taste for contemporary pop music”.

He added:

“On the Academy Awards she [Gaga] was a travesty. It was ridiculous, as it would be from any singer who treats that music in semi-operatic style. She had no relationship to what she was singing. What people liked was her versatility.”

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1965 film, Lady Gaga performed a medley at last month’s ceremony featuring “The Sound of Music,

” “My Favorite Things,” “Edelweiss” and “Climb Ev’ry Mountain.”

Sondheim was more enthusiastic about Tooting Arts Club’s revival of Sweeney Todd, which transfers to a ‘pop-up pie shop’ on Shaftesbury Avenue later this month.

“There were 32 people, a pie counter, four tables, a piano and cello,” he said of his visit to the production. “When one actor started singing in front of the lady across from me, she screamed.”

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