Sean Penn Talks”Great Affection” Towards His Ex Wife

Sean Penn speaks his affection for Madonna. The former star of the drama Mystic River and biopic Milk reveals he has great affection for the superstar vocalist. The fifty four year old Taps actor and the Like A Virgin songtress had a very rocky relationship when they were married, at the time he even,

frequently lashing out at paparazzi and even being arrested for assaulting his then-wife but insists their issue that were public were just “trivial”.

He said:

“You look back and you say, ‘What fire did I walk through that I sought out?’

“This is a fantastic woman, who I have great affection for – Madonna. She had not even toured when we got together. So there was no seeing all that coming. She was a fire, you know? In herself.

“Apart from all that stuff that came with it. But in a marriage? At that time in my life? And, you know, you walk through the fires you have to walk through. And I guess she probably would have described me similarly.

“The fires that were public were all trivial.”

Penn is now dating actress Charlize Theron and has children Dylan, twenty three, and Hopper, twenty one, with ex-wife Robin Wright says he,

was never confident as a youngster and admits it wasn’t until he started drinking that he felt comfortable approaching girls.

He told The Times newspaper:

“I was not a talker in any way, until the senior year of high school, when I started to find a certain confidence in beer. That hasn’t changed. If I’m with a group of people, you’ll see me with a couple of drinks.”

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