Sammy Winward: Emmerdale Left Her An Expert Crier

Sammy Winward: Emmerdale left me ‘all cried out’. She played the role of Katie Sugden in the soap opera. The twenty-nine-year-old Bolton, Greater Manchester, England native says she sure knows how to cry now as she has become an expert, and it is all because of how many scenes was teary during her time on the Soap. The former ex of footballer David Dunn, she also reveals that as most scenes were fake some she thought back to her emotional experiences in order to bring on the waterworks.

Sammy said:

”I’m all cried out. [I cry] in pretty much every other scene. I’m an expert cryer now, I had to be!

 ”Sometimes it can be a bit fake, but other times you just think of something really awful, like someone dying or something like that, something that’s happened to me in the past.

 ”Music helps, but it’s hard to have music on set … ‘Can you play that track for me please just to help me get into the mood?’ ”

It was at beginning of the year when her character had been killed off, and although she will miss it she was happy that had ”to work harder” to find other work.

 Speaking on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, she said:

”I was a bit unsure at first as to what I wanted to happen to the character, but now that she’s been killed off, I’m not forever looking over my shoulder wondering whether I’ve got the option to go back. It’s kind of spurred me on to do other things and to work harder to do well.”

More on Winward, she has a daughter Mia.

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