Robin Williams’ Widow Files Lawsuit Claims Belongings Taken From Home

Robin Williams widow is suing over missing items. The former Mork & Mindy star passed away, August, 2014 and Susan Schneider is entangled in a situation with his three children because of some personal property that was left in the late comedian’s will. She has gone as far as filing a lawsuit against them. This is what TMZ reported.

The site reports that Schneider has filed legal documents complaining someone entered the house she shared with Williams days after his death – following his tragic suicide in August last year – and removed belongings that she felt entitled to.

The New York Times have reported that the court documents were filed in December and January in a bitter legal dispute over his estate.

However, TMZ report that his children Zak, 31, Zelda, 25, and Cody Williams, 22, tell a different story and have accused Schneider of attempting to ‘money grab’ and ignore the ‘plain language of his will and trust’.

Sources tell the site that his children believe Schneider is trying to ‘redefine’ aspects of the will to suit her, despite Williams being clear in his will that he left behind most of his property to his children.

Some of the items left to the three children include his 1998 Oscar for the movie Good Will Hunting as well as other memorabilia from his films.

As of yet the children of Robin Williams have not yet commented.

Sadly Williams had been found dead, by suicide at his home he shared with sixty three year old Schneider.

Sources tell TMZ that his children acknowledge Schneider has the right to keep items that she accumulated with Williams during their marriage, but believe she is trying to alter some of the terms listed in the will.

According to the site, they claim she is trying to ‘redefine the word jewelry’ to keep a watch that belonged to Williams.

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