Rick Springfield Cleared Of Wrongdoing Stemming From 2004

Rick Springfield has been cleared of wrongdoing. Springfield is an Australian musician, his hit Jessie’s Girl became a number one hit, but I remember him as Dr. Noah Drake on the daytime drama General Hospital, and from a concert injury stemming back from 2004 he has been cleared by a New York jury in a civil injury lawsuit.

In 2007, Vicki Calcagno sued the musician, claiming she suffered “serious, disabling and permanent injuries” after Springfield allegedly fell on her during a performance at the New York State Fair in 2004.

After a new witness emerged in 2013 a mistrial was declared, but a retrial kicked off in New York Supreme Court earlier this week. Springfield got teary when he gave his testimony on Tuesday, accusing Calcagno’s lawyer, Kenneth Goldblatt, of manipulating the story.

The new witness, fellow concertgoer Penny Anne Nolin, revealed she had also been knocked down by Springfield at the fair, but she said she had not been hurt and did not see Calcagno fall.

But what happened on Friday morning, taking just one hour the jury made the decision that Springfield was not liable for any damages.

Following the ruling, Springfield told reporters:

“I’m incredibly relieved. Results like this are positive for everybody… There’s too many lawsuits in this country. It’s been pretty unbelievable. We could have settled very easily. But I will not do that, especially when I know I’m in the right. It sets a bad precedent.”

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