Pamela Anderson Banned From Sam Simon’s Funeral Expensive Gift Enrages Family

Pamela Anderson has been reportedly banned from Sam Simon’s funeral because of a eight hundred thousand dollar ring. The former Baywatch babe has been by his family as they will not allow her to attend a private service for him this week. The story is they are not happy that the late TV titan and philanthropist gave her the expensive piece of jewelery just weeks before he passed away,

TMZ says Simon’s loved ones think Anderson never should have accepted his generosity in Simon’s weakened state, and they have apparently decided to exclude her from Tuesday’s service.

It was earlier this week when Simon died following a long battle against cancer. More on Simon he made a fortune because of the Simpson’s, he donated enormous sums of money to charitable causes.

Simon’s primary interest was in helping animals, an issue close to Anderson’s heart. They had been friends for years before his reported $800,000 ring gift to her.

Anderson has not made any comments to this report as of yet.

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