Nintendo Announces Sad News Satoru Iwata Dies

Satoru Iwata has died, such a huge loss, he was just fifty-five years old. The Japanese businessman and programmer was the fourth president and CEO of Nintendo. The Sapporo, Japan native’s death had been announced by Nintendo that he died on July 11, 2015.

The short statement attributes his untimely death to a bile duct growth, a rare form of cancer that is difficult to catch early on. Iwata recently missed this year’s E3 due to health concerns relating to the growth, which he attempted to have surgically removed.

His death is not just felt by Nintendo but also the entire industry, his work includes Earthbound and Kirby and he,

oversaw the company’s extremely successful transition from playing card manufacturer to video game maker.

Iwata’s tenure oversaw huge successes for Nintendo like explosive sales of the DS and the Wii, but also a few hardships like the underperforming GameCube and Wii U. But through it all, Iwata has been a beloved figure in the gaming industry, known for his warmth and accessibility despite occupying such a powerful position.

In my opinion, it is extremely a huge loss, knowing that he had future plans for other things, such sad day for Nintendo.

Iwata also had interests in video creation and in his High School days he started creating video games, he majored in computer science, he did freelance work as a programmer for HAL Laboratory, Inc.,

a game developer that often collaborated closely with Nintendo.

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