‘Model’ Cara Delevingne, Acting Is My True Passion

Cara Delevingne, says she is not passionate about modelling, although she is an English fashion model, actress and singer. The twenty-two-year-old may be one of the most sought-after faces in the fashion industry, the London-born beauty says trying her hand in acting is what she thinks about more, says,

“I’ve always wanted to be an actress, more than anything in the world.”

Despite her enviable catwalk career, Cara confessed the job of a model fails to ignite her “fire”.

She told PEOPLE magazine:

“Modeling was never a passion of mine. It wasn’t something that made my heart beat and built a fire inside of me.”

Delevingne came out saying this after the best-selling author John Green,

described her as “an amazing actress”.

The writer said Cara’s performance in the much-anticipated new movie Paper Towns will change the public’s perception of her.

He said:

“Cara is an amazing actress.

“Legitimately. All of the constructions we have of supermodels are deconstructed by Cara in the course of the film.”

Delevingne will also make a small appearance in ‘Zoolander 2′, the comedy film which stars Ben Stiller as the male model Derek Zoolander.

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