Margot Robbie Reveals She Grew Up Feeling Unattractive

Margot Robbie felt unattractive. It was when she appeared in the Soap Opera Neighbours when she became known nd she has revealed as she was growing up this is what she felt. There re rumours that Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard are dating says it shocks her that she is even thought of as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women because of her teenage experiences. The former Pan Am actress,


“I take it as a huge compliment, but I grew up feeling very unattractive. As a teenager, I was gangly and had braces and glasses. I was lucky that I had a pretty glamorous role in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ and that was how most people saw me for the first time.”

However the twenty four year old wants to prove that there is more to her than just good looks.

She told America’s OK! magazine:

“I won’t take parts where the female character has no substance. Even Naomi [in 'Wolf of Wall Street'], there was a lot more to her than appeared in the script when I first read it, and Marty [Scorsese] and Leo [DiCaprio] were very supportive of making her as strong as possible.”

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