Margherita Missoni Has Launched Childrenswear Collection

Margherita Missoni has launched childrenswear. She is known as a heiress to her family’s Missoni fashion house and what the thirty two year old is doing is teaming up with retailer and Los Angeles-based Neige in creating the lime to be ready for sale tomorrow, March 7, 2015. This collection has nothing to do with her family’s high fashion brand, where she designs accessories. The collection is to feature clothes for both girls and boys from newborns to age seven, this is reported by

Margherita said:

”I have a very close and long-standing relationship with and in the past years we have worked together on very special projects.

”After these great collaborations, I have chosen as my global partner.”

Missoni and racing car driver Eugenio Amos have been married since 2012 they have a child together a son called Otto Hermann Amos.

Missoni had given birth during time she fell an broke her wrist.

Just days before welcoming their son, Margherita tweeted alongside a photo of her injured arm: ”#KeepOnSmiling

#BrokenWrist#WhenTheGameGetsToughJustLaugh @eugenioamos spend the last few hours as a twosome #waitingforottoshouldnt take much longer.”

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