Luke Wilson Sues Former Personal Assistant He Trusted

Luke Wilson is in the process of suing his former personal assistant. What the forty three year old legally Blonde star and the brother Owen Wilson has a lawsuit filed against the person in question, Charles Lodi, he s accusing him of committing identity theft, of,

stealing approximately $75,000 of personal property and making almost $90,000 in unauthorised purchases on his credit cards.

The Enlightened series member is saying that last April he immediately fired the PA following a trusted three year working relationship together when allegedly he had discovered the stolen funds.

In court documents, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, his lawyer states:

”Wilson trusted Mr. Lodi as his friend, and believed Mr. Lodi had his best interest at heart. Because Defendant’s duties as Mr. Wilson’s personal assistant required Mr. Lodi to make purchases on Mr. Wilson’s behalf for such things as travel arrangements to and from location and other personal errands, Mr. Lodi was added as an authorised signatory on Mr. Wilson’s personal Visa credit card.”

But he alleges Lodi also gained access to his bank cards and used them as ”his own personal piggybank” to pay for hotels, first-class flights, wedding expenses, golf and ski equipment, electronics and restaurants.

The star says he initially agreed to forgo a lawsuit if Lodi repaid a portion of the funds, but is now suing him for breach of contract as he only received $15,000

he is seeking $135,000 for breach of contract and invasion of privacy, plus the return of his personal property, in addition to other damages.

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