‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Mark Strong Smiling Isn’t My Best Look!.

Mark Strong: I’m not a smiler. The English film and television actor believes that if you chase fame it can be bad for your health. Well, what the Kingsman: The Secret Service star thinks smiling isn’t his “best look”. He is different than his acting roles, he is more relaxed, not showing this while he is in the spotlight.

“I keep getting asked that by photographers, they’re always at me, ‘Smile! Go on, smile!’” he laughed to Total Film magazine. “That’s just not my best look. If you play villains, and you’ve made a career out of playing heavy duty guys, you don’t want to appear in pictures grinning like a loon.”

It has been eighties since he started his career, he has seen how the industry changed.

He loves his career and feels blessed to have gained recognition in his art, but has no interest in being a celebrity away from the camera.

“I think chasing fame is bad for your health. Being an actor, no. Being an actor, I absolutely love. I have a genuine affinity with trying to create characters and tell stories,” he explained. “That’s why I’m doing it. But if I ever felt it was more about the fame or being noticed, or anything like that, I’d give it up immediately.”

Because of his fame he has been offered other opportunities, like a Jaguar advert he appeared in. The theme was British Intelligence, with the British Villains campaign also featuring Tom Hiddleston, Sir Ben Kingsley and Nicholas Hoult.

Mark loved every minute of the job and admits he got “very well paid” for just a few days of driving, although looking back he does feel very guilty for doing it.

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