Kim Richards Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Dog Bite

Kim Richards being sued over an alleged Pit Bull vicious attack. According to Kelly Crossley the Richards, a former child actress and television personality on the reality-television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dog gave her a bite without any warning last year at her home, for this she has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. The Mineola, New York native will now have to deal with the lawsuit because of this apparently violent dog.

The plaintiff, Kelly Crossley, filed the complaint on Tuesday, June 2 in Los Angeles, claiming that the reality star’s pit bull bit her “without warning” at her home on September 1 last year.

Crossley further claimed in the suit that Richards was fully aware that the pooch was dangerous as it previously attacked one of the celeb’s friends Kay Rozario, the star’s daughter Alexia and the dog’s trainer David Utter. Hence, she claimed that Richards’ family members failed to give any caution that could have prevented the attack.

Crossley described her injuries as “grave” in the lawsuit and said that they would result in scars. She is consequently suing Richards for unspecified damages and asking her for some money to cover medical costs, loss of income, damages for pain and suffering.

Richards faced another lawsuit over her dog that was filed by Rozario in December last year. In the suit, she alleged that Richards and Evolution Film & Tape were involved in a “conspiracy” that resulted in her terrible injuries.

“Kim was lying on the bed talking, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, the dog starts biting me,” Rozario previously detailed the incident to New York Daily News. “I’m trying to pull back, but the dog has hold of me with its teeth. I fall backwards onto floor with blood spurting everywhere. There was blood all over the place.”

“I’m 80 years old, I’m lucky I didn’t die in that room,” she added. “When I fell backward onto the floor, I could have bashed my head in.”

Richards also appeared in the television series Nanny and the Professor, Escape to Witch Mountain, No Deposit, No Return and Return from Witch Mountain.

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