Kesha Sebert “Grungy Kitty,” LAX Fashion Arrival

resizedimageKesha Sebert just loves having a “Grungy Kitty,” fashion day. The singer and rapper is simply just known as Kesha (Ke$ha) has not been seen in the spotlight lately, but the twenty-eight year old Tik Tok vocalist had been spotted on June 2, 2015 arriving at LAX Airport sporting her “grungy kitty,” fashion along with purple lipstick, her yellow hair and a oversized black bag and black sunglasses .

Then she took to Instagram and posted an online pic with the words,

“Sometimes bein a fancy ho is fun but sometimes I like bein a grungy kitty,”

Following comments from her fans on Twitter,

“Kesha is going grunge, omg guys, yaaaas,” and “beautiful, I love you.”

K-Dawg you look absolutely stunning in everything you try, even when it’s new, even when your hair was the rainbow.

Kesha é bellissima la amoo

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