Katie Price, Asking ‘Why People Obsessed With Being So Skinny?’

Katie Price says ‘Why are people obsessed with being so skinny?’ The English singer and a former topless glamour model says it is enough, people should stop wanting to be skinny and they should concentrate on being healthy and fit. The star, who has been married three times and mother of five children tweeted,

“Why is everyone sooo obsessed with being sooo skinny? It’s good to feel healthy and fit but not just to be skinny.”

Price showed her post baby bod two weeks following the birth of Bunny, she gave birth August 23, 2014.

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Katie showed off her post-baby body two weeks after giving birth to Bunny.Her tweet got her fans saying that she was slim, a size eight.

But Katie replied:

“I’ve always been small I’m just sick of everyone thinking being really skinny looks good it should be about being healthy.”

The thirty four year old didn’t take long to get back into shape, however she enlightens everyone that it is because of her natural figure and not because she was dieting and over-exercising, saying during the time she was pregnant she didn’t gain weight.

More on Price she is excited that she and her husband Kieran Hayler will be renewing their vows, although they went through a cheating scandal, that left her devastated.

But she chose to forgive him and tweeted this week she was “so proud” of the progress he had made through his therapy sessions, where a therapist told him he had a compulsive addiction to chasing illicit thrills.
Price has not yet revealed any information about when the vows will take place, however

A source told Reveal the day will be one to remember, with celebrity guests, extravagant dresses and the release of white doves to symbolise Katie and Kieran’s love.

“Katie’s in the throes of planning a really expensive vow renewal event and she’s even sourcing theme ideas and picking a guest list,” said the insider.

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